Our Guide Book for Poblado Rentals:

Check In:

You just booked...Next step is just to send us a message about what time you will arrive. In most cases check in is after 2pm. 3pm for larger places....If the place is ready we can check you in as early as 11:30am....

What to do if your arriving very late or very early. In case your very early you can always drop stop at my office. Carrera 43F 11-75....Just ring the bell and tell who ever answers I am staying at Barry's place and I am early...They will store your bags and make you coffee...You can hang out here until ready....Or better hit the supermarket(exito) it's two blocks to the right out the door...Get all the items you like to have on hand for your stay.

Once your ready to check in....Head to the address let us know your on the way. They will scan passports, and if a credit card photo the cards last 4 digits only and your name.

Rules: Don't smoke inside. Only your guests with ID can come inside. There is no extra fee for guests. But they all need to have ID. Your responsible for anything your guests do.

Getting around: Uber, Beats. Didi, in-driver are all the companies here fares are very low, very safe.

Supermarkets. Carulla and exito. Both are walking distance to every apartment we own here.

Metro. Down calle 10 past exito follow the circle around and you will see everyone walking to it.

Park Lleras: #1 tourist area for bars and nightclubs. Ground zero for first timers and experts alike.

Safety: As in every big city. Late at night take a taxi, especially if alone or been drinking.

leave that expensive watch at home. Gold necklaches same advice. Walking around texting clost to the sidewalk isn't a good idea as well, there are also some ankle breaking pot holes that makes this also a good idea....Any issue here has always been about oportunity....If you give none there will be 0 issues hopefully. Letting random strangers in to our apartments has it's own risks as well. Becareful.

Things to buy if staying more then a few days, toilet paper, paper towel, some cleaning supplies, soap for the washer and dryer, garbage bags.......

TV: In some apartments we have android boxes and cable boxes. Please ask them to show you exactly how it works....Make time at check in to ask questions.. Where the garbage goes, How the hot water works, wifi info, tv and safe....

Hot water: Unlike the US, a lot of hot water here is instant on...which requires a certain amount of pressure to kick on the heater. Sometimes opening a second water source will solve this issue. In the shower turn on the hot water first then add cold water on the left to your desired temp. If there is a hot water issue....Try running the sink turning off the water in shower then turning back on the hot water.

ATM: They should work with your specific card all over the city. Make sure to let the bank know a travel notice that your traveling to colombia.

WATER: Here it's safe to drink....But if first time here and in town only a few days why take a chance and just buy bottle water.

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