Your payment constitutes a contract for a vacation stay and within this contract is an outline of terms and agreements.

This Contract is between Alecia Armstrong (“Homeowner”)


Name of Designated person handling the rental on behalf of the family and/or group:

YOUR NAME_________________________________________


Emergency Contact:__________________________________


Please list names, ages, couples and singles below. That way we know how to set the cottage up.













Please return via snail mail with payment within 7 days.

At that point we will send information about the property and how to access.

Thank you!

Please appoint only one person to handle the communication and payments to the homeowner.

This is a contract and memorandum of understanding. If you agree to the terms, please sign and return within 7 days.

Agreed Upon Fees:

Reservation Details






· Canceled bookings will not receive a refund.

· We highly recommend travel insurance.

· TravelSafe.com or Insuremytrip.com or Trevelex.com

The property is located at:

Lake Amherst

47 Scout Camp Road

Plymouth, Vermont 05056

What is our check-in & check-out time?

Term of the stay: Guest and friends/family of, shall occupy and agree to use the premises as a vacation home unit from

ARRIVAL DATE XXX X, 2019 After 4 PM thru to DEPARTURE DATE XXX X, 2019 Before 11 AM

Once we receive full payment and a signed rental agreement within the terms outlined in the rental agreement, the guest will be provided with our no stress and easy access information. Early check ins are on a case-by-case basis dependent upon cleaning schedules. In summer it is highly unlikely. Need to have the home cleaned for everyone and that takes all the time between guests.



This contract does not create a tenancy for the property. Guest may not let, sublet or assign this rental for all or any part of the rental period or part of the premises to anyone else. Please do not arrive early as it disrupts the cleaning routine. Do not leave late, unless agreed upon as that also disrupts the routine and schedules necessary to have the property ready for the next arrival.

How do we access the property?

Via e-mail you will be sent “Info and Directions” about how to access the property and an outline of references and things to know in alphabetical order. This will be sent to you once we receive your signed contract. We typically send it within a week of your stay to ensure it is up-to-date. If you want a copy sooner, please ask, but it may not be up-to-date. We may still send you one a week prior anyway. It’s a compilation of info and every question we’ve ever been asked.

What are we responsible for while staying?

Please take care of our vacation home and treat it like you would your own. Please leave the cottage in the same condition as when occupancy commenced.

Abide by the terms within this contract. Please take good care of our gem and protect her while you are staying. Please lock up the boat, keep the home and yard tidy, don’t let anyone smoke and leave butts all over- YUCK! This is listed as a non-smoking property. Please recycle and compost (Vermont law) as outlined below. Please supervise all children under the age of 12. Please do your own dishes and put them away. Please leave the home tidy and in reasonable neat condition upon departure so that the cleaning crew can wash & clean the home without a need to pick up after you and/or do excessive cleaning. Put any broken or chipped glasses or dishes on top of the fridge (on the red tray) so that we know and they can be replaced.

IMPORTANT: Please do your best to look the property over before vacation commences by doing a walk-thru and alert us in writing via e-mail vermontcottage@gmail.com (time stamp) and a call to 802-558-0040 or 802-291-3839 to report any unacceptable condition(s) found, anything out of order, anything in unacceptable condition , or anything not in working order. We will work judiciously to clean, correct, repair, or replace items and/or conditions during your stay. If you later notice anything that needs attention or repair, please let us know so that we can fix it. We do want to make it right, so please let us know! Once the season gets going, things will most likely break or need a little tightening due to normal wear and tear that can happen at any time and point and cannot be predicted.

Are there boats with the property?

Yes. ONE. We have one really cool row boat that also is like a canoe. If you need more, we can arrange to have other boat rentals, providing they are available for you. We will send a rental boat menu to you. We have a land dock and a floating dock for your private use. You will need to provide all other floatation devices and water gear. Boat available between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend. Ask about exceptions due to warm weather.

When are outside summer items available?

We provide outside summer items from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Summer items include: Note all items need to be set up to play with; the exception being the volleyball court and ping pong (you can’t set them up because they are permanently in place. - Croque, Badminton set, and whiffle ball. Table, All outside furniture is put away right after Columbus Day Weekend.

How many people are we allowed? What if more people want to join us?

Maximum Occupancy: The maximum number of guests is set at 12 people. This includes infants and small children. An additional charge of $35 per person, per night over the limit will need to be assessed and paid to cover extra expenses related to wear & tear on the septic system, home, and extra rubbish. We really do notice more wear and tear with larger groups, that is why it is necessary. Dog fees do apply, please refer to your contract.

Can we bring our dog or dogs with us?

Of course you can! We always like to kid around and say that canines can bring their humans with them as long as they are bathed and well-behaved. We do have a pet fee(s) as extra time is spent after a pooch has stayed. We also have a doggie photo album. Bring a picture of your dog and decorate a page. Art supplies are in the desk drawer.

What if we need to move things around to fit our needs?

That is perfectly alright. All we ask is that everything be put back where you found it before you leave. We have a strict schedule and an inventory system; we depend on things being in their original locations to ensure they are still there. This part also includes plugs and flashlights. Please plug things back in and especially if you have used the TVs. Please leave safety lights alone and do not move them. They are white flashlights plugged in around the home. They will automatically go on if the electricity goes out and this ensures your safety. There are solar lights in the rock wall as well. Please do not move them. It’s a good idea to take pictures with your cell phone so you can remember where things go.

How is the fire wood handled?

Wood for the indoor fireplace is stacked in the woodshed. Wood for the fire pit is piled in the woods near the fire pit. Please follow Smokey the Bear rules when it comes to fire safety. If you don’t know, please ask. NEVER put accelerants onto a burning fire!

What are we allowed to use and access while staying? What’s included and not included?

Feel free to use anything in the main parts of the home. There will be areas marked “PRIVATE” such as the basement which is under surveillance. We have a “take & leave” system for edible (SPICES) & anything considered a consumable. That means you can use what is there, but please replace with the same or greater value. Long distance calls out of the country are not included. Rental movies on the TV are not included. Wood, electricity, and heating fuel are included. The allowed thermostat temperature will work between 55 & 70 degrees F. We have plenty of lawn and beach toys for your use in the woodshed. Use them and have fun, but please put them back neatly when done.

What if we leave something behind and need it back?

Please do look everything over in the rooms, drawers, closets, and under the beds before you depart. Due to the time consuming nature of looking for, packaging, and sending left behind items we will charge a fee of $30. You must contact us for such items.

Is this a smoking property?

No. This is listed as a non-smoking property.

If there is a smoker in the group, be sure they smoke outside and do not leave butts anywhere or on the grounds; this is a real pet peeve because it is rude and gross.

What if something big is broken and needs repair?

Please call us and let us know as soon as possible. We want to be able to replace anything broken and necessary for your stay for you and for the next guests. If we don’t know until your departure day, we will not have time to replace/fix an item.

Access: You shall allow us, the homeowners, to access to the property for purposes of maintenance, repair, and inspection at any time. We will, of course, try to give you a heads-up, but this may not be possible in some circumstances.


What happens if the property becomes disabled?

Disability of Premises: In the event the premises become disabled in any way by “Act(s) of God”, or mechanical breakdown, the disability will be assessed and a decision will be made between guest and homeowner as to the extent of damage and the impact on the stay. We, the homeowners, will act timely and arrange to have any damage or repairs done as quickly as possible based on, and provided repair resources are available to perform specific repairs. You, the guest, may leave if you decide it is a hardship in any way. If you choose to leave, only then will you be refunded the unused portion remaining based on arrival start time agreed, usually 4 PM on the 1st day of rental, and departure of 11 AM on the final day. If damage is caused by you and your party, no monies will be returned. Rental fee to be reimbursed is based on a prorated basis by hours already spent, any part of hours spent which constitute a full hour, and the remaining hours contracted until complete check-out. It will be your responsibility to find alternative accommodations at your own expense. POINT: Entire group/party must vacate the property entirely and not return. Reimbursement will occur one month from departure date. This is necessary for assessment of property damage and to ensure that damage was not caused by your party. Refunds will not apply in the case of neglect by you the guest, resulting in damage to the premises that require repair immediately or render the property unfit. We do not refund for electrical outages. Electrical outages may occur on occasion and is not the home’s fault or doing. Our electric company will work judiciously to get all homes in the area back up and running. This is part of life in Vermont and because the home is in a heavily wooded area, it is likely to happen a couple of times a year. They usually last less than 2 hours.

_____Please initial


Landlord shall have full access to property at any time to perform emergency repairs. We will, of course, try to coordinate with guests, but we will enter to repair anything at any time to keep our property safe and in running order.

What is forbidden?

Beer pong inside, glitter, fireworks & fire crackers, confetti, silly string, smoking, slime, children with candy/gum/juice boxes in the bedrooms,


What do we need to know about the Vermont recycling laws?


All recycling and compost must be removed from the home and placed in designated bins and compost area provided for you outside. Containers must be rinsed so they don’t stink and attract critters big and small. Containers also need to have the caps removed. Don’t forget to bungee cord the trash cans. The raccoons will come and party down. They will most likely bring friends. Also, be careful to not leave any food on the porch as raccoons will come onto the porch (they are very clever) causing damage to the screens and they will dine and party. They particularly like Nacho Chips. One night three of them came in and ate nacho chips left on the floor and made their way into the kitchen garbage and made a mess!!

Recycling & Composting: We think we make this pretty easy and educational. Most important to understand, it is a law and there are rules. Recycling is mandatory in central Vermont where the property is located. Vermont is also a composting state. We have guides with pictures posted on the refrigerator. Therefore, we need to require you to recycle by separating out items and placing them in designated bins clearly labeled: redeemables, tin/aluminum, glass, plastic, cardboard etc. We make this an easy and educational process in a well-organized and clean area. There are bins labeled in the recycling area.. Our recycling centers require rinsing and removal of caps before placing in designated bins. AGAIN- Please rinse containers before placing in recycle bin. Remove caps on all containers. NEVER put food in the trash! It goes into the compost if not dairy/meat. Wrap meat and dairy in plastic bags and place in freezer, we will dispose of it. Using your paper products to start fires in the fireplace or fire pit is highly recommended.

SUMMARY- Remove caps ~ rinse ~ sort into labeled bins in recycling area.

SUMMER~ Rubbish, Recycling & Compost Areas: The recycling area is set up by the tool shed in the summer. Please separate out garbage from recyclables and compost. A compost container is provided in the kitchen for non-meat food products. For summer rentals, the compost pile is located off the back lawn. If you face the volleyball net, it is to the left of the net in the wooded area. Please wrap any leftover or unused meat & dairy and place in the freezer; we will dispose of it. It’s important to not put meat in the compost as it will attract rats; we don’t have any or want any. Trash days are Mondays around 9:00 AM and Saturdays in the summer. Recycling is every other Monday, so on alternate weeks we put it in our car and take it to our local recycling center. We won’t be happy if it smells. RINSE RINSE RINSE!

WINTER~ Rubbish, Recycling & Compost: The same rules apply in the winter except the recycling area is set up under the car port. There is a spinning compost barrel available for you to place your compost in. Don’t leave anything on the porch. See above as to why. _____Please initial


You agree that the using any amenities are at your discretion and own risk. You agree to take full responsibility for any injury resulting in the use of items on the property, including boats, floats, and other water related sports. Further, you may opt to play games and sports on the property, but agree to take full responsibility for any injuries resulting from such use and not hold the owner responsible in any way.

________Please initial.


What do we need to do for check-out?

Please depart on time unless otherwise agreed. Please keep in mind the cleaning people have 4-5 hours to turn the house over. It is a very large property that needs a lot of attention. The cleaning people will do inventory, strip the beds, make the beds, do the laundry, vacuum & mop all floors, dust, clean all bathrooms & kitchen appliances, clean windows & mirrors, and make necessary repairs.

Ø Leave sheets on beds, we will take care of it.

Ø Place towels in hampers provided.

Ø Dishes must be washed and put away where originally found. It’s OK to leave dishes in the dishwasher.

Ø Counters must be clear.

Ø Put items and furniture back in the proper places as found.

Ø Remove garbage and place rinsed recycling with caps removed in the recycling area in proper containers.

Ø Toys and lawn picked up and placed neatly in the woodshed. This often gets over-looked.

Ø Lock all doors. Lock front doors and exit out the back door locking it behind you.

_________Please initial

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy: No refunds. We are sorry it has come to this. When you agree to rent, the property is taken out of circulation and many people are told it is unavailable and it doesn’t show up in search results at all. Not fulfilling your contract/reservation constitutes a loss. We STRONGLY advise you to purchase vacation insurance: http://www.insuremytrip.com/ or TravelSafe.com or Travelex.com. It’s actually very affordable and will cover Acts of God circumstances. First check with your credit card company as they may cover cancellations by you.


Have all adults in your party/group read this contract. Assign someone in the group to over-see the locking of the boat, someone to over-see the proper putting away of oars and life jackets, someone to over-see the woodshed and that toys and amenities are put back neatly and in an orderly way, someone to over-see the outside areas, someone in charge of overseeing that towels are placed in hampers provided, and etc. We often stay with our own family and friends and this really helps when everyone understands. Also direct people to the home guide provided to answer any questions.

Your signature indicates that you have read this Vermont Cottage Rental Agreement & Contract and that you agree to the description of the property and will abide by all terms outlined.

Did you purchase travel insurance?________

Do you understand the cancellation policy?_____

Do you understand the Disability of Premises and when you will be refunded any, if any monies? _____

GUEST SIGANTURE: __________________________________________________DATE:_____________

Depending on payment arrangements (private contract or one through HomeAway, VRBO, or Airbnb) here is how to return the contract which is due within 7 days.

DUE: ___________________

IF Private Contract:

Please sign and snail mail back with check to:

Alecia Armstrong

3385 Baltimore Road

Baltimore, Vermont 05143


HomeAway, VRBO, or Airbnb:

PLEASE scan and e-mail back to:


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