If you have a medical emergency that requires immediate attention while staying in our condo, please contact the front gate staff to call an ambulance immediately. If your medical needs do not require immediate attention, we have always recommend and used Dr. Victor Manuel Sainz Rocha from the Santa Rosa Clinic in Bucerias. We have personally used him for illnesses and injuries and have recommended him on several occasions.

The Santa Rosa Clinic is located on Route 200, about a block north of the stoplight for the RDC. The full address is Heroes de Nacozari, #127 and the phone number is 298-0157. Dr. Victor Manuel Sainz Rocha is a General Practitioner and Surgeon. He speaks English fluently, has a full-time nurse and a nursing assistant. The Clinic is well-equipped and has 4 hospital rooms for surgical, emergency and overnight patients. The services listed on Dr. Victor's business card are Surgery, Childbirth, Oxygen, Rehydration, Cardiology, X-Rays and Plastic Surgery. The Clinic is open 24 hours, has pharmacy services for patients and has an ambulance.

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