If you are celebrating your wedding at TihsreeD Lodge Wedding and Event Venue, we can accommodate up to 42 right on site. Should you need overnight accommodations for even more folks, there are many vacation rental homes in our area.

Visit our Trusted Vendor Page for additional contact information for these recommend homes/hotels:

Fred Fisher, Cowboy's Cove. Average cost per night $370. Sleeps 14 in 5 bedrooms.

Jim Newberry, Woodland Park Haven. Average cost per night: $220. Sleeps 8 in 3 bedrooms.

Bob Chapman and Beth; Log home across from Florissant Library. Sleeps 6 in 2 bedrooms, average cost per night: $175.

David or Renee Rusterholtz; Twin Rock Cabin in Florissant. Sleeps 6 in 1 bedroom, average cost per night: $140.

Laura Cohen and Lee Taylor, Cirque Du Chalet. average cost per night:$175. Sleeps 8 in 3 bedrooms.

Steve Burkhholder; 124 Spring Creek Drive, Divide. Average cost per night:$195. Sleeps 10 in 4 bedrooms.

Conrad & Crystal Smith, Crystal Peak Cabin. Average cost per night: $175. Sleeps 10 in 4 bedrooms.

Craig and Linda's Place. Average cost per night: $350. Sleeps 8 in 4 bedrooms.

Local Small Hotel/Cabins:

Mountain River Lodge  

Lodge about 8 miles from TihsreeD

Woodland Country Lodge, Woodland Park, CO, manager: Laura Rabaut

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