From the website of TihsreeD Lodge Wedding and Event Venue ... a micro brewery tour: with a designated driver, a direct trip into the west side of Colorado Springs and back to TihsreeD makes this a fun, quick, easy way to get a great taste of Colorado Beers, while minimizing your time in the car. You will visit Paradox, BeirWerks, Ute Pass, Manitou Springs, Fossil Brewing, Cerberus Brewing Company, and Colorado Mountain Brewery. New for 2019 is the brewpub of Iron Tree right in Florissant, just north of Hwy 24. Colorado is the nation’s leading producer of small shop beer. The micro-brewery movement is big business here. These breweries have large distribution throughout the state and beyond. You won’t want to drink on an empty stomach. Eat at the breweries… They have wonderful food.

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