Couples who want to encourage family and friends to come for a destination wedding at venues like TihsreeD Lodge Wedding and Event Venue can help build excitement for the event by proper communication.

If guests to the destination wedding know what to expect and have a mental picture of what you are trying to create, they are more likely to get on your bandwagon. A few ideas that will make this easier for everyone are listed below:

Communicate, promote, explain, tell and repeat. Guests will make incorrect assumptions unless you paint the picture for them. Let them know you have chosen a 3 night experience because you value relationships and sharing time. Let them know about the times you want them in attendance and when they can find fun on their own. State when you are paying for their meals and when and where they can prepare their own meals or eat out. Have a specific activity or outing planned for each day and promote it to your guests.

Use social media, wedding websites, newsletters and emails to ensure your guests know your plans and begin to build excitement and anticipation for the fun you are creating.

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