Xavage Park opened in late 2018. Visitors of this park can choose from four different experiences—Xavage Soft, Xavage Hard, Xavage Extreme and Xavage Ultimate

Xavage Soft includes the activities of kayaking and conquering a rope course. Each level up from Xavage Soft allows guests to add one more activity.

Xavage - A new adventure park
What Xavage Park is Really Like
https://everythingplayadelcarmen.com/xavage/ Xavage Park is an adventure park in the Riviera Maya Mexico where you can fly through the air, drive extreme jeeps, zoom down canals in a power boat and do white water rafting. Here is our review. See our article for more tips and how to get the best prices on tickets.

Xavage - A new adventure park
Overcome your limits and unleash your wild side
Welcome to Xavage, the most extreme park in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, where adrenaline is always part of the adventure.

From water activities such as a jet boat rides or whitewater rafting to flying through the air on a zip line, there is something for all adrenaline levels. Children ages five to 12 even have their own section to enjoy waterslides, a wading pool and more called the Tough Cubs.

Xavage - A new adventure park
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