• Servers: 5-10%
  • Bartenders: 5-10%
  • Bell Boys: 5 pesos per bag
    • $1 USD per bag
  • Housekeepers: $1-3 USD per cleaning
    • This would be per couple. If there are 6 of you in a condo, $3-9
    • An envelope is left for your to leave your tip. That way there is no confusion if you have other cash "lying around"
  • Taxi Drivers: ZERO
    • There is no meter. Everything is a flat fee between zones. Many drivers charge more than they are supposed to for fares. Always ask ahead of time what the fare will be.
    • NO TIPPING TAXI DRIVERS unless they are handling a lot of luggage or there was some extraordinary service provided (they waited for you in the store).
  • Grocery Baggers:
    • The baggers are usually elderly men. Although they may be wearing a uniform, there are not receiving any salary. They are trying to pick up some extra money.
    • I usually give them the coins that I get for change, But depending on how many groceries they bagged

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