Visit Sky-Vu Drive-In -

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Visit Sky-Vu Drive-In -

Great entertainment that will take you a few steps back in time.

  • Gratz, PA, USA

A visit to Sky-Vu Drive-In might make you want to break out into song, like "Stranded at the Drive-In", from Grease.

A lot of what urban and suburban folks find lovely about more rural areas is the feeling of stepping back in time. When you visit a quiet, country place, your heart-rate can slow, your pace can slow, your mind and body can rest just a little bit more.

But entertainment is important in life, whether you're a city dweller, a suburban housewife, or a country farmer And for entertainment, EVERYONE likes the movies, right? So what's a quiet country fan to do when a movie and a bucket of popcorn is what you seek?

Well, in the town of rural Gratz, PA, USA (located just about on the boundary line between Dauphin and Schuylkill Counties), locals and visitors alike head out to the drive-in movie theatre! Sky Vu Drive-In Movie Theatre is one of only about 338 of its' kind operating in the United States and has been providing entertainment since opening in 1948 (there was a brief hiatus several years ago while the owners converted to a digital format).

With one movie screen, accommodating 200 vehicles, Sky-Vu Drive-In also offers a better-than-expected concession stand, is dog friendly (please, keep 'em leashed and clean up after 'em), and is just about the most family-friendly evening you could have!

Because of the location in the farmlands of central Pennsylvania, the dark, starlit sky makes for great movie watching. It is also just about the best bargain you will find in entertainment. Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and offering a double feature, admission prices last season were only $7 (adults), $4 (children 3-11) and free for two and under! Make a full night of it by arriving when the box office opens at 6:30 pm. Bring lawn chairs, toss a ball or frisbee, catch some fireflies and hang out until the first movie begins at dusk.

When our kids were little, we would bring them in their PJs, wear them out with all the fun and by the time the second movie ended, they were sound asleep under a blanket, tuckered and satisfied. Memories made for a lifetime in rural Pennsylvania.

If you would like to make similar memories and step back in time for an evening or weekend, visit Sky-Vu Drive-In Movie Theatre in Gratz, PA, USA, usually open in April and remains open as long as the weather holds up (October).

If you need accommodations for your drive-in movie experience, we have the perfect match at Clover's Cottage just a few miles away. Visit for details, availability and some incredible photos.

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