I am the developer of The Oaks and have 15 of my own condos available for vacation rentals, 8 with the best location around our largest of three pools. Ten units are side by side (two units each side by side) so that they can accommodate larger family groups. I also manage 7 condos for friends and owners, which I maintain as if they were my own. I found Costa Rica in 2003 and love it, especially the laid back sunny area where we live 8 to 10 minutes by car from Tamarindo. Rox and I met at an art store in San Jose in 2004 and married a few years later. Now we travel as much as we can, and hope that more travels are in our future. Typically we travel during May, June, August, September, October and November, while our hospitality and maintenance team manages our guests. We stay in daily touch with our maintenance, hospitality and cleaning teams through our whatsapp groups, calls, messages and photos. In previous lives I have been a lawyer and banker. Originally from Richmond, VA, Miami and Southern California, retired in Costa Rica and built a second life here.