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Welcome to The Barn Lodge!  We pride ourselves on providing awesome, unique, and economical accommodations throughout the Roanoke Valley.  Our flagship experience is located at 1026 Bandy Mill Road, Hardy, VA!  Located one mile away from Smith Mountain Lake, 10 miles from Downtown Roanoke, & 25 minutes from the Appalachian Trail. 

This facility, known as The Barn Lodge Farmstay, is a communal hostel experience where we offer 13 small temperature controlled rooms just big enough for a queen bed, a night stand, and a chair.  We also have three suites for larger parties.  We highlight a small onsite country store that is based upon the honor system includes various art and antiques that are available for purchase throughout the building.  The Barn is for guests who are 21 and older.

Right across the street, located at 12595 Hardy Road, Hardy, VA is The Barn Lodge Apartments. This facility consists of three barn themed apartments that sleep up to eight people each and one trailer home.  This facility is designed as more of a private family setting, while still allowing access to the communal setting with the farmstay across the street.

Finally we have The Barn Lodge Homestay, located at 913 East Main Street, Salem, VA.  This homestay is located one mile from Roanoke College, right next to public parks & transportation, & fifteen minutes from Downtown Roanoke.  This homestay consists of 5 private bedrooms with shared facilities in a communal setting.  We also feature a small onsite honor system breakfast food and soda store here.

Who and What we are:

About Us

We are the Thornocks, we are the owners & creators

Riley and Rebecca Thornock have worked for years to develop these facilities into community friendly facilities for everyone to enjoy.  The farmstay has taken many different forms and was a antique shop before being converted into the farmstay it is today.  We look forward to hosting you!

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