Rick Matarrese

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My wife and I frequently visited Hilton Head throughout the years and always had a special fondness for this area. So we were thrilled to be able to start this venture in 2015. An endeavor where we are able to share a dream beach condo with our guests. We have always loved travel and have stayed at so many fine places over the years. But we have also had the misfortune of staying at some that were very disappointing at best. We understand the importance of vacation time and just how easily that precious time can be spoiled by the frustration of accommodations that do not meet your expectations. That is something we don’t ever want our guests to feel. We take great pride in our unit 309 Ocean Dunes and provide an ambiance that is clean and fresh, but not so modern and cold that it looses the character charm and comfort of a Beach Home. When you are at the beach you want to feel like you are at the beach. We want our unit to convey a spirit of relaxation and fun, but still provide a level of impeccable neatness and cleanliness we desire when we stay there. Since we stay there often ourselves, we conduct frequent and regular personal inspections to assure that the unit is not just surface clean, but deep cleaned and that even the smallest imperfections or maintenance issues, that may have gone unnoticed, are corrected. It is our goal to maintain our unit to a level that will provide 5 star ratings and not just assure that our guests are satisfied, but that they are thoroughly thrilled. There are a lot of vacation properties on Hilton Head. We want ours to stand out amongst them. We want guests that come back year after year and we hope you will become one of them.