Rebecca Wilson-andrade

Hi! I am Rebecca. I started hosting 4 years ago, as college was fast approaching for my kids, and the extra income would help us with tuition for the kids. I loved doing it and and have added more properties every year. This Scottsdale home was purchased in September 2018 and after some work and adding a POOL HEATER we are offering you The Hip Hacienda!! I am a perfectionist ( so those pictured tell me) and so I am confident that you will love this home away from home! I am excited to have a property closer to my home in Chandler which is just a few minutes away! Hosting keeps me young at heart and super busy which I like! We are still paying tuition (does it ever end?) and hosting will make it possible for no college loans for the kids!! Our other properties are in Sedona. Here are the links to the Sedona properties . Why not add on a few days in AZ and visit enchanted SEDONA, the most beautiful place on earth! YOLO! Because The Hip Hacienda is a new listing I want you to be confident you will be booking an awesome place so please read our reviews as my commitment to you will be evident in our ratings/reviews from Sedona! Here are the links and book with me and be happy! Cheers, Rebecca
Oh and one more thing, I am happy to answer any questions for you!

SOUL OF SEDONA AZ ( property id 1397510) (URL )

MY NIRVANA in Sedona AZ ( property id 667230) (URL )

MY CHIC MODERN RANCH in Sedona AZ ( property id 3915247)_ ( URL ) )