We Enjoyed It!

We saw this trail that has flowing water and a waterfall not far from GTG so we packed up and went for it. It was a nice drive to the Vernon area about 40 minutes away. We saw a herd of Elk on the way there! The drive was nice, and the GPS took us right there. There was about 10 minutes of dirt road driving, with no other cars or traffic. We got to the detination and were a bit confused as to wether it was the trail because it wasnt very well marked, but we saw rocks and bolders and started walking. It was was a great hike! Somewhat flat, but a bit tricky at the same time. The kids loved walking over the rocks. The trail was actually to the side and might have been a bit easier, but we like walking on rocks. The trail was dry - no water unfortunately, except for a few areas with standing water. We made it to where there would have been a nice big waterfall and it was for sure a pictureesque area. We did the hike in April and think we missed the flowing water by a week or two. Regardless, we had fun, would do it again, and would love to do it again with water! Here is a quick video we shot with our go pro!

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