What is better than Thanksgiving, on the Beach, at Diamond on the Emerald Coast? How about Thanksgiving, on the beach, with my favorite Bacon Wrapped Turkey Recipe. YUM!!! www.Houfy.com/1154 or www.EmeraldCoastDiamond.com

Whether you are a beginner or your are the novice turkey cooking chef, this recipe can be followed/modified to your skill level and personal taste.

Bacon Wrapped Turkey Recipe

Whole Turkey

Butter Mixture/Between the Skin

2 sticks of butter (soften leave sitting out to soften)

3 gloves fresh or 1-3 Tsp Minced Garlic

2-3 TBS Sage (chopped fresh or dried)

1-2 tsp Rosemary

1/2-1 tsp Thyme

1/2- 1 TBS Salt

1/2-1 TBS Pepper

Extras/optional-squeeze of orange

Bacon Lattice

Bacon 2-3 packages (I prefer thick cut)

Wax paper

Inside the Turkey options

Onion quarters/halved



Lemons quartered

Apple quarters/halved

Salt and Pepper optional

Add Extras to the bottom of the pan


2-4 cups of chicken broth to the bottom of the turkey roasting pan depending on size and preference

Turkey Roasting Pan/Wrack


Meat thermometer


Preparing the Turkey- buy a fresh turkey or prepare to defrost turkey in the refrigerator for 2-6 days, depending on the size. (plan ahead) Watch video how long does it take for a turkey to thaw. After the turkey has been defrosted, wash the turkey inside and out, remove the bag of goodies parts from inside the bird. (Caution that bird is slippery) Pat dry with a paper towel, and set on a wrack in a turkey roasting pan, breast side up. Watch the video How to clean a turkey. Make sure to thoroughly clean your sink/surfaces prior to washing your turkey and after you washed your turkey.

Butter Mixture/Between the skin- Pull the skin away from the breast meat gently using your fingers to allow a pocket to hold the butter mixture. Using a fork mix/blend the soften butter with your choice of spices: Minced Garlic, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Salt and Pepper and squeeze of orange Optional. Squish/rub 3/4 of the butter mixture under the skin, and rub the remaining butter mixture on top of the turkey skin.

Inside the Turkey-Inside the turkey cavity add a few options: quartered or halved Onions, Carrots, Celery, Lemons, and/or Apples. You can choose to add a few different items or you can add a little of everything. You can also add some salt and pepper inside the turkey cavity. Add extras to the bottom of the roasting pan. Add 2-4 cups of chicken broth to the bottom of the roasting pan depending on the size of pan.

Bacon Lattice Wrap-cut a piece of wax paper to make the bacon lattice weave on. Place 7 strip of bacon in a row on the wax paper. Fold up every other piece of bacon and lay a new piece of bacon down, fold it in, and fold up the next row. Please watch you tube video for details. Place bacon weave in refrigerator (to stiffen slightly do not freeze) it easier to transfer to the turkey. Flip wax paper bacon lattice weave over on turkey. Remove wax paper and throw wax paper away!! Use extra pieces of bacon to wrap around legs/wings.

Baking-Preheat oven to 425 F degrees, Roast for 30-45 mins uncovered to crisp bacon. Reduce heat to 325 F degrees, add a foil tent to top of roasting pan, and roast turkey for additional time according to the size of your turkey. Typically, 20 minutes cook time per pound. (follow your instructions and ALWAYS use a meat thermometer. Check your turkey using a meat thermometer 1 hour before time is completed. (never trust the pop up buttons on a turkey) Plan ahead to know how long it will take to prep/and cook the turkey.

Meat thermometer should read 165 F- 170 F degrees placed in thickest part of breast.

Remove turkey from oven and allow it to rest.

When the turkey is done, uncover and allow it to rest 30-50 minutes, before Carving, to allow juices to settle. Please watch the video how to carve a turkey.

It is better if you create a timeline, before the big day, so you will know that your turkey is defrosted, the butter is soften, and the turkey has enough time to cook and rest before the big meal. The recipe is a guide, change it up and add your own person touch. Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving-Bacon Wrapped Turkey Recipe- at Diamond on the Emerald Coast.
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Thanksgiving-Bacon Wrapped Turkey Recipe- at Diamond on the Emerald Coast.
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Thanksgiving-Bacon Wrapped Turkey Recipe- at Diamond on the Emerald Coast.
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Thanksgiving-Bacon Wrapped Turkey Recipe- at Diamond on the Emerald Coast.
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Thanksgiving-Bacon Wrapped Turkey Recipe- at Diamond on the Emerald Coast.
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Disclosure, always follow cooking instructions/guidelines according to the package. I am not a licensed chef/cook, videos are product of you tube.

Thanksgiving-Bacon Wrapped Turkey Recipe- at Diamond on the Emerald Coast.
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