Drink plenty of fluids!!!! If you start to not feel well, get out of the heat. Diamond on the Emerald Coast is located next to the Richard Seltzer Park, and is home to the Bay County Sheriff department, if you need more help, or witness another person in need of help, reach out to one of the officers.

What to avoid/limit: Soda, Coffee, and Alcohol. WHAT!!!! I am at the beach I want to have a refreshing beverage. Just drink responsibly and add a little water to your list of things to drink. Caffeinated beverages and alcohol will dehydrate you and make you thirstier. It's best to follow one Soda, Coffee, or Alcohol drink with a bottle of water.


The sun also has a dehydrating affect. When you are at the beach on a hot day your body will loose fluids just from sweating. Try sitting in the shade for awhile under an umbrella, or any shady spot. Darker colored clothes like black and navy blue will absorb the heat faster too, so wearing lighter colored clothes will also be helpful.

What should I drink: Water Water Water. Some fruits like watermelon and grapes are also high in water content as well as some vegetables but there is no substitute for water. I like to freeze grapes and eat them on the beach too, but water is your best friend.

Don't wait until you start to feel bad before you start drinking water and find yourself a shady spot. Your beach plans should always include a plan to drink extra water and limit yourself to the heat. I use frozen water bottles, as ice, in my cooler and drink the water as it thaws out. I always have a beach umbrella, hat, and something to help cool me down, if I start getting too hot like cooler with ice.

Know the Warning Signs of Heat Related Illness

  • Headaches
  • Faint or Dizziness
  • Nausea or Vomiting
  • Muscle Cramps

Other helpful beach items:

  • The chill towel is very helpful to keep you cool. Dip it in a cooler of ice water or in the ocean the wet towel will help cool you down.
  • Wear a baseball hat or beach hat
  • Portable cooling misting fan

Safety Tip: Stay Hydrated and don't get Overheated
Panama City Beach Fire Rescue
It's becoming warmer out. Know the signs.

Safety Tip: Stay Hydrated and don't get Overheated
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Safety Tip: Stay Hydrated and don't get Overheated
Misting Fans
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Safety Tip: Stay Hydrated and don't get Overheated
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Safety Tip: Stay Hydrated and don't get Overheated
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