Early Bird Specials, Specials of the day/week, Like and Follow restaurant pages on Face book, and sign up for notifications for NimbleDeals (vouchers that you can purchase for discounts).

Plan ahead before your vacation at Diamond on the Emerald Coast and create a Guide on HOUFY of places you would like to eat, weekly/daily specials, and discount coupons.

Diamond on the Emerald Coast , we have a binder in our condo, full of menus and recommendations of places our family, as well as, our guest like to eat while on vacation. You can also read the guest book for suggestions too. I have created Guides on HOUFY too, for you to search for places to eat before you even leave for vacation. Top 10 Places to Eat..... , Beach/Bay Front Dining, Pizza, Pier Park Restaurants, and Places to Eat . If it is your first time to Panama City Beach flip through the pages and explore. Note: some places have early bird specials, or daily/weekly specials. If you are regulars to Panama City Beach, check out a few new restaurants during your stay.

  • Call ahead, search facebook pages or websites, and find out if the restaurant has an early bird special or daily specials.
  • I recommend signing up for Panama City Beach Nimble Deals, I get notification for discount vouchers that I can purchase. Please read the fine print and details. I like to purchase vouchers before my trip, but I have experienced some expire quickly, or have restrictions.
  • You can also follow your favorite restaurants on Face book, most restaurants post daily specials and events.

How to SAVE Money while eating out in Panama City Beach
Dat Cajun Place Cafe
Cajun & Creole Restaurant in Panama City Beach, Florida. People talk about friendly atmosphere, great food and service and great wings. See reviews and...

If you are searching Diamond on the Emerald Coast Guides, you can also create your own Guide and post all the restaurants that interest you to your guide to easily find.

How Create a GUIDE

First log into HOUFY.com Look through post, share stories, and guides for places that you would like to eat.

  1. Click the the middle square at the top right corner.
  2. In the drop down menu click Create a New Guide
  3. Fill out the details and click SAVE for example "Vacation Meals"
  4. Scroll through the post, stories, and Guides and when you find a place where you would like to eat save it to your guide.

Guest can create GUIDES for anything for example: Places to eat Vacation 2018 Diamond on the Emerald Coast, Things to do in PCB. Vacations Destination I would like to visit...........and more. This is an example guide from a guest.

How to SAVE Money while eating out in Panama City Beach
Places to Eat Vacation 2018 Diamond on the Emerald Coast
Places to Eat Vacation 2018 Diamond on the Emerald Coast - Weekly meal plans for our vacation at Diamond on the Emerald Coast:...

How to SAVE Money while eating out in Panama City Beach
News Herald: Deals and Coupons for Restaurants, Beauty, Fitness, Travel, Shopping & more
Group deals from . Join the group and save money buying products and coupons with great discounts

Sign up for notifications for discounts.

How to SAVE Money while eating out in Panama City Beach
How to post/create a guide and add to a listing
Houfy is a new concept called a market network. Market networks combine elements of social sites with marketplaces. (Think Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter combined with Airbnb/VRBO/Zillow/Realtor) We made Houfy for you to share local knowledge around your place with your guests and prospective guests. Posting works similar as to Facebook.

How to SAVE Money while eating out in Panama City Beach
Diamond on the Emerald Coast - Condo for rent in Panama City Beach, FL, United States
Condo in Panama City Beach. Sept 22-29 $1143wk totalOur personal 'home away from home' get away. This fifth floor penthouse condo has a huge balcony off of the living room and master bedroom with great views...

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