How easy is it to join a listing site that verifies owners: #VERIFIEDOwner, allows direct communication between guest and owners safely: #BookDirect, and downloads most of your information, pictures, and reviews? Oh and is FREE for 2019?

3 years ago
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About 10 minutes of your time to copy your information and join

#1To Start CLICK this link Backup & Sync

Backup & sync your listing(s) in 10 SEC into the Houfy Network | HOUFY
Houfy has created a simple tool to create a backup of your listing including pictures and reviews. You never know!

#2 Add your prices and make sure you link a calendar


Now you can post your #BookDirect, #VERIFIEDOwner, safe listing site link to all those facebook groups.

Post your Houfy link for guest to find

Houfy Vacation Rentals
This group is for Guest to find Vacation Rentals from HOUFY *** Book directly without any listing service fees. GUEST: Post your destination, number of Guest, and Dates Owners and Managers: post...

Need more help? go to and search Watch HOUFY Videos, or search Houfy Help, Houfy FAQ, Houfy info

Houfy Help
Help guide for Houfy members Houfy and accepting Direct Payments

Houfy Help Videos: We will add and remove as we continue with changes on our site.
Houfy Help Videos: We will add and remove as we continue with changes on our site.

Join the owners group for information about

Say Yes to Houfy
Say Yes to Houfy has 674 members. This FB Group is for anyone interested in Houfy. This group is intended to get updated Houfy information, ask...

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