Don't get scammed!!! Save money on your next vacation rental. #BookDirect

Dec 18, 2018 . 2 min read

It's that time of year again when guest are looking for vacation rentals. How do I safely book a vacation rental without paying the VRBO/AirBnB service fees?

Guest are searching facebook vacation rental groups looking for #BookDirect rentals from owners and managers to save money. Why would somebody post a link that directs the guest back to a site that charges fees $$$ like VRBO or AirBnB? THATS CRAZY????

This also opens the door to scammers "look here but pm me for prices". Don't get scammed!!! You can't confirm the name of the owner through VRBO or AirBnB and facebook links. Protect yourself. If the owner/manager does not have a link to a website or listing site that has their contact information and that doesn't charge fees TELL THEM THEY NEED TO JOIN ONE. Support the new listing sites that allows owners/managers contact information and supports guest staying safe and saving money.

MOST SCAMS happen through PM. Personal's the easiest way for a scammer to hide. Don't get scammed!!!! ALWAYS ASK FOR A LINK to a listing site or website that 1. doesn't charge site fees and 2. has the contact information including name and phone number visible. And 3. message through the link.

  1. Book on some of the new listing sites that do not charge site fees. For a list of sites scroll through this facebook group Vacation Rental 101 ....


BUT REMEMBER If it sounds too good to be true............well.........ITS PROBABLE A SCAM!

Support these new listing sites without site service fees, where contact information is available and protect guest from scammers and save money. It's a win win for both.

VRBO/AirBnB charge site fees, and hide owners contact information. If a guest wanted to pay those $$$$ fees they would have looked at those listing sites, but guest want to SAVE MONEY thats why they are looking in Facebook groups.

Here are a few facebook groups that ONLY ALLOW LINKS to sites that do not charge site fees or websites and allows communication and contact info on the listing sites or websites.

Houfy Vacation Rentals
This group is for Guest to find Vacation Rentals from HOUFY *** Book directly without any listing service fees. GUEST: Post your destination, number of Guest, and Dates Owners and Managers: post...

Alabama No Booking Fee Vacation Rentals - ALAVHR
This group is to connect travelers with vacation rentals in Alabama with NO BOOKING FEES. Any posts that contain links to sites that charge booking fees or commissions will be deleted. Not allowed:...

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals by Owner
In 2014, we were struggling to find a vacation rental that would allow us to bring our 3 small dogs, so we bought our own property. This group was created to connect property owners with pet...

Florida Rental by Owners Travel Group
A travel group for Florida travelers and vacation rental owners to connect and help curate an epic vacation through recommendations on the local area. Please read the rules before posting.

Vacation Rentals Florida
Travellers: Post your dates, property type preferred, and preferred location as well as any other wishes or requirements. Owners: Post your property including location, size, type of property etc.....

Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals
This group is for people that want to come on vacation on the Gulf Coast. So that they can find owners of vacation Gulf Coast vacation rentals directly. Please post your dates you desire to travel or...

Panama City Beach Vacation Rentals
This group is for people that want to come on vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida. So that they can find owners of vacation rentals in Panama City Beach. Please post your dates you desire to...

Fee-Free vacation home rentals
This public group is only to promote FEEFREE vacation rentals. Linking to HA VRBO TA HA etc will not be allowed. Postings need to be approved by moderators and must be limited to your vacation...
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