Feel free to use any parts of this Guest Occupancy Agreement.


For Transient Occupancy Properties

Prepared by: your name - your phone number - your email

Dated: 30/04/2020 , at your town.

This Guest Occupancy Agreement is entered into by your name, as the Manager, And guest name, as the Guest.

  1. The Unit to be occupied by the Guest is located at Address of your property.
  2. TERMS
    1. The Guest’s occupancy is for the following period: Check-in date and time: 01/05/2020 at 1pm. Check-out date and time: 06/05/2020 by 12pm.
    2. The Guest will vacate the Unit by the check-out time as the Unit is needed so the Manager can accommodate the arrival of other guests who have reserved this Unit.
  3. UNIT RESTRICTIONS – The Guest agrees to conform to the following limitations on the use of the Unit:
    1. The Unit will be occupied by no more than 2 individuals.
    2. No pet is allowed on or around the Unit or its premises.
    3. The Unit will not be used for parties, weddings or other group-like activities.
    1. To promptly pay all obligations when due.
    2. To depart the Unit and remove all members of their party by check-out time.
    3. To return all keys and passes to the Manager. On failure to return all the keys, the Guest to pay a re-keying charge of $100.00 per set.
    4. To pay the Manager an extra charge of $100.00 at time of check-out for dirty dishes, kitchen utensils and rubbish left by the Guest and/or members of their party.
    5. To pay for all damage to the Unit or personal property located in the Unit caused by the Guest or members of the Guest’s party.
    6. To pay for the cost to replace any personal property items missing at check-out time.
    1. The security deposit will be released and returned to the Guest when the Manager deems that there are no outstanding issues.
    2. At the time of check-out by the Guest, the Manager will inspect the Unit and its contents for any damage or missing items, and deduct the cost to repair the damage and replace the missing items from the Guest’s security deposit.
    3. Any charges incurred by the Guest and unpaid on departure will be deducted from the security deposit.
    5. On failure of the Guest to pay obligations when due, abide by this agreement or depart the Unit by check-out time, the Manager may:
      1. Enter the Unit and remove the Guest;
      2. Take possession of the Unit and remove any personal property of the Guest remaining in or around the Unit;
      3. Re-key the doors;
      4. Make the Unit available to accommodate other guests with reservations for the Unit; and
      5. Order the Guest from the premises and, if necessary, use law enforcement officials to effect their removal.
    1. The Manager is not responsible for injury to persons or property, or theft or loss of money, jewellery or other valuable or personal items resulting from this occupancy.


The Guest has received 2 door keys and 2 lift passes - Guest initials:

The Guest has returned 2 door keys and 1 lift passes - Manager's initials:

Signed & Date - Owner/Manager & Guest

Guest Occupancy Agreement - Australia
Guest Occupancy Agreement - Australia
Guest Occupancy Agreement - Australia
Guest Occupancy Agreement - Australia
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