I've traveled a lot to the Cancun area as well as Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta and love the areas. When traveling outside of a resort, I've found it's useful to know a few words of the native language. After all we are in their country and it seems like common courtesy to try to speak a few words to them. It would probably be a good idea to do for any foreign country.

The locals mostly speak English, but upon occasion I've found a few who did not so learning a few basics came in handy. At our resort - www.GrandLuxxe-Vacation.com most of the employees speak English but those working on the property do not. They appreciate a greeting and smile. It doesn't take much to make someone smile.


Hello = Hola (pronounced ola)

Please = Por Favor

How are you? = Como Estas?

I'm fine, thanks. And you? = Bien gracias, y tu?

My name is.... = Me llamo ....

Good Morning = Buenos dias

Good Afternoon = Buenos tardes

Good Evening = Buenos noches

Goodbye = Adios

Where is the bathroom? = Donde esta el bano?

How much is this? = Cuanto cuesta?

Thank You = Gracias or Muchas gracias

You're Welcome = De nada

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