Jekyll Sandpiper visitors will find artwork in our home that depicts our namesake; paintings and sculptures. A short walk to our beach, we like to call it Sandpiper Beach, will likely present our visitors with these live examples of birds from the Sandpiper family. The Willet feeds along the shore line often in groups, but sometimes singlely. This sandpiper has a brown appearance while feeding, but when it takes to the air its wings are stripped and it makes a cute pep pep pep sound.

The Willet - Sandpiper that visits our Beach
Sandpipers - Common Shorebirds You'll Find on Jekyll Island
Sandpipers Sandpipers are a number of species in the large family of shore birds known scientifically as Scolopacidae. Since different species of sandpipers can have different bill lengths, they don't tend to compete for the same food. So they can coexist in the same areas.

by Mike and Lara Morgan --- Houfy Listing 2905 --- click to Visit our Website

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