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Below samples of a system Airbnb/VRBO/Hometogo and all larger sites use for SEO purposes..

1) Hometogo: Below you see 2 websites for Countries - This is purely for SEO purposes.

Country: USA & Greece

United States Vacation Rentals & Cabins from $306 - HomeToGo
How We Produced This Guide We polled 1,000 millennials that use HomeToGo to find out what their top priorities are when planning a vacation. From this polling, six main categories emerged: Affordable airline fares, a plethora of experiences, instagrammability, affordable food and drink, vibrant nightlife, and affordable accommodation.

The Results Page for USA is different

Greece Villas & Vacation Rentals from $183 | HomeToGo
What to see and do largely depends on the location of your Greece vacation home. If staying in the capital Athens then it's likely that your trip will be focused on museums and historic landmarks. Top attractions in Athens include the Acropolis, which includes the famed Parthenon, the Ancient Agora and Syntagma Square.

The Results Page for Greece as well..

2) Hometogo: Below you see 2 websites for States/Areas/Regions - Again purely for SEO purposes.

State Florida:

Top Florida Vacation Rentals from $46 | HomeToGo
159,717 of the 325,467 listed properties in Florida are house rentals. They account for nearly half of the accommodation options in this destination ( 44.33%). Interestingly, the average price of house rentals is $340 per night, with an average size of 2,140 ft².

The Results page

Island Skiatos in Greece

Find villa rentals & holiday homes in Skiathos from £23!
Visit the beach of Koukounaries, the largest and most popular on the island. Ringed with pine forest, it offers plenty of watersports. Agia Paraskevi is also popular with watersport fans - it has a range of kayaks, stand up paddleboards, and windsurfers.

Airbnb/VRBO etc. use similar systems..

  • + 100s of country sites
  • + 1000s of regions/states
  • + 10000s of city sites


We will need to make the program once and then add listings as per algorithm. The information/content we add to these sites needs to be clean/updated and correct. We will use API's (Lonely planet and others) for this and member stories/guidebooks! We will create buttons at Stories and Guidebooks for members to request to be shown on these destination webpages.

I will edit this document further as we get closer to having something interesting - maybe later in October. We will test with:

  • Riviera Maya
  • Orlando
  • Steamboat Springs
  • New Orleans
  • Dennis Port
  • Myrtle Beach

Thx T.

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