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Listing Verification

In order to strive for a trusted vacation rental marketplace for our members we accept only the following marketplace sites for verification purposes:

Airbnb - Homeaway sites - Expedia sites - Booking - Tripadvisor - Vrbo - Ownersdirect -

These sites will of course NOT be shown on your Houfy listing and are ONLY used for verification purposes

Links to your homepages, Facebook, Google are also allowed and will be shown on your listing. We need to find your name clearly on these sites to be able to verify.

Log in > Click on Avatar or Menu > Select My Listings > Edit Listing

Select Verifications and paste your Airbnb/VRBO listing URL in the box.

Houfy does not accept the following links for verification purposes as Houfy simply does not know the procedure these sites use to verify owners and property managers:

  • USA: vhrnetwork - vhrdirect - connectingrentals - tripz - breakawayvacationrentals - turnkey
  • Alabama: alabamavacationhomerentals
  • California: calivacationrentalsbyowner
  • Carolina: carolinavacationhomerentals
  • Colorado: covacationhomes
  • Florida: floridarentals - floridarentalbyowners - 30ahomerentals - ECBYO
  • Georgia: georgiarentbyowner
  • Hawaii: hawaiianislandsvacationrentals - Hawaiichee
  • Michigan/Wisconsin: glrbo
  • Nevada: nevadarbo
  • New England: vacationnewengland
  • New York: newyorkrentalbyowner
  • Texas: texescapes
  • Tennessee: tnrbo
  • Utah: utrbo
  • Virginia: vavacationrentals
  • USVI: usvivacationhomes.com
06-25-2019 1:11 PM

How do I verify my listing?

06-25-2019 2:19 PM


Have you verified your phone number and email yet? If you need any help please join the Say Yes to Houfy facebook group if you are already on facebook.

06-25-2019 6:52 PM

Hi Minnie, please log into Houfy and click on the top right, your picture. Select my listings. At edit Listing, select verifications and add a url to your own website/airbnb or Homeaway. Once we can find out your are indeed the owner, we can verify. You can also e-mail us a utility bill stating your name and location of your property. Thank you. Thijs ()

07-07-2019 7:42 PM

I had a typo on my email address I needed to verify. I entered the correct email address. How do I remove the misspelled email address?

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