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“Genius is the creative intelligence of an individual. Scenius is the creative intelligence of a community.

Computer scientists are fascinated by swarms of bees––by a number of biological formations actually: colonies of ants, schools of fish, flocks of birds, bacterial culture. These organisms are so commonplace that it’s easy to overlook how cutting-edge they are when they work together. Did you know, ants collectively form themselves into rafts to float on the surface of water? Or that slime mold has traveled along paths that mimic subway networks? How is it that swarms of bees and flocks of starlings know where to go without a pilot?

Simple organisms can work together like a superorganism. We see this in biological systems, and in economic systems (Adam Smith’s “invisible hand”). If nature has taught us anything, it’s that the most prodigious talent belongs to the community itself.

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“[The goal] is broadly to get to a stage where customers are referring their friends because they love the product and feel like they’re a part of the mission — you need to take customers away from being ‘standard customers’ to being advocates who are feeling like they are part of it,” said Tristan Thomas, Monzo’s head of marketing and community.

Houfy community
Monzo Community
Where the Monzo community come to meet, chat, and help build the bank of the future.


Houfy community
The Monzo Transparency Dashboard
The Monzo Transparency Dashboard brings together all of our existing transparency efforts, from public product roadmaps to details of our investment ethics
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