1st Houfy Contest (2018)

Oct 04, 2019

May 10 2018: Most views per listing between May 15th - Aug 15th 2018: 7 PM ET

Whoever gets the most views between 7 PM ET starting MAY 15 and ending AUG 15 2018 will win a week (7 nights) at

1) Our cottage, or
2) Our house in Marrakech, or
3) One of our apartments in Playa del Carmen (Mex).

See the links below. And you choose when you want to go.. depending on availability of course.

Willoughby Cottage - Breckenridge
This charming Willoughby cottage (built in 1891) is the ideal getaway for a couple or small family of 4 located in the heart of Historic Breckenridge at 303 North Main Street. This cottage was built by Breckenridge photographer W. D. Churchhill and purchased by grocer R.D. Willoughby.

Oceana 424 - Playa del Carmen
Near a pristine stretch of white sand and sea grapes, an architectural marvel is quietly rising. Oceana, conceived as a private residential enclave, is highly sophisticated and offers not only an elevated landscape, but an elevated life.


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Good luck sharing/e-mailing friends, clients etc.

We can see updates everyday just around 7.15 PM ET at this link as it is a program:

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Winner: Cheryl Norman!! with 5893 views in 3 months!

Cheryl Norman - Profile
Hello--My husband, Vernon and I (Cheryl) are the owners of SEAcret Treasure. We have been married for almost 32 years. We have been vacationing in Rodanthe since our adult daughters were very young. Rodanthe is one of our favorite places on the planet so after so many years of vacationing here we finally bought this wonderful cottage.

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