Houfy currently provides an easy to use, unique and enhanced experience to list or find vacation rental properties with no booking fees or communication restrictions.
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Julie is an "influencer" and loves to influence large social groups on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She is the one to be friends with! We call her super social Julie! Follow her on Houfy! Julie lives in Alert, Nunavut, Canada; if you ever want to meet her in person.
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This guidebook is a collection of contest information as well as news on special Houfy members each month.
Houfy allows you to message a host directly and without booking fees! Good Houfy hosts will answer all your questions before you decide to book. Online Support Services: Houfy has an active Facebook community where most questions are answered rapidly by Houfies.
Houfy operates the largest book direct/connect direct vacation rental listings portfolio worldwide and continues to invest in creating an easier, faster, and more pleasant experience for property owners/managers and guests.
Houfy is a market network where members can publish stories/share/follow and become friends with other members. Guidebooks can be created and shared on listings in the marketplaces. This guidebook explains in more detail what can be done on Houfy.
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Selection of eye catching listings by their first pictures
Selected favorite places to stay for beach adventure
Guidebooks provide a helpful way to group related stories together, and to quickly inform readers what stories are about. Guidebooks make it easier for people to find content in a grouped form. For example Guidebook: Restaurants near you place: > Stories: 1) Your favorite Breakfast places, 2) Lunch,
Publishing on Houfy is freeAll members can post stories and, as long as it’s not in violation of our rules, have the potential to find an audience. Good stories can come from anywhere including your guests and buyers.The idea of Houfy Stories & Guidebooks is for you to share your local knowledge
You can import calendars from other websites that support the iCal format like Google. iCalendar is a file format that allows users to create and share electronic calendars. The iCalendar format is supported by many companies and programs.Importing enables you to have a single-calendar view of all your