Tips for joining facebook buy/sell groups

One of the simplest ways to raise brand awareness for Houfy is through facebook buy/sell, yard sale, and marketplace groups. All sorts of people are in these online groups–including Airbnb hosts who are seeking alternative listing sites.

Yard Sale groups provide a broad platform to get many eyeballs on the Houfy brand. And, it only takes a few minutes a week to post in multiple groups at once.

Follow my tips and you'll see just how easy it is.

Tips for joining facebook buy/sell groups

1. Look for yard sale groups in areas where your guests typically come from, as well as local yard sale groups in your own area. Some people don't have the space to host visiting relatives/friends in their own home and will recommend a nearby rental.

2. Seek out yard sale groups with a large number of members.

3. Read the group rules. Most of the groups will require you to live in the area, but you're still going to apply anyway. When filling out the questions asked when joining, this is how to respond when asked where you live:

"Hi, I have a vacation rental in Lake Lure (fill in the blank) and have open dates to sell. Many of my guests come from your area and I'd love to sell these dates off in your group. I hope you will make an exception for me. Thank you."

4. Try to join at least 20 groups. You will be able to post in all of them at once with just one click.

This was one Houfy member's experience when she joined her groups:

Well, I took the above advice and requested to join online yard sale groups to market my property. I started last Saturday and so far I’ve been added to 22 groups. I sort of lost track of how many requests I sent but was admitted to the majority of them—even though I was totally upfront with them and said I didn’t live in their area but had a short term rental property in the mountains with available dates I wanted to sell. I told them many of my guests traveled from their area. I was very strategic about which areas to target. I looked for affluent areas close to Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, and Memphis—all an easy drive to my place.

Templates to Use in Yard Sale/Book Direct Groups Posts

Tips for joining facebook buy/sell groups
Templates for Yard Sale/Book Direct Group Posts
When advertising in yard sale or book direct groups, don't waste any opportunity to raise brand awareness and educate others about Houfy's benefits. Place your "Houfy message" at the beginning of your post so it doesn't get lost.

How to post in multiple yard sale groups with just one click.

Tips for joining facebook buy/sell groups
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