Beach House Short Term Rental Agreement

Sandy Claws, Corolla NC

The below is for informational use only. Feel free to copy any of the verbiage into your own agreement. Have an attorney review before use.

Short Term Rental Agreement

Thank you for choosing our home for your vacation. The property name is Sandy Claws and is located at: 1569 Sandpiper Road, Corolla, NC 27927

As stated in the property listing: 4WD or high clearance AWD vehicle is needed to access the property. You must air-down tires to drive on the beach. 10-15 PSI is recommended for best traction, and it will not damage your tires or result in a blow out.

Your confirmation is as follows:

Check-in date: ________________________________ (after 4pm EST)

Check-out date: _______________________________ (no later than 10am EST)

The lease signer must be over 25 and reside at the property for the full duration of the lease.

Number of guests: _______

Names and ages of guests (this helps us customize your Welcome Package):

1) ___________________________  Age: ____       7) ___________________________  Age: ____

2) ___________________________  Age: ____       8) ___________________________  Age: ____

3) ___________________________  Age: ____       9) ___________________________  Age: ____

4) ___________________________  Age: ____     10) ___________________________  Age: ____

5) ___________________________  Age: ____     11) ___________________________  Age: ____

6) ___________________________  Age: ____     12) ___________________________  Age: ____

Pets are not allowed. If guests bring a pet to our non-pet home, not only will it invalidate this rental agreement allowing immediate eviction with no refund, but it can greatly affect guests who require an allergen free home. Board your pets, do not sneak them into our allergen free home.

Elevator: Does anyone in your party have mobility issues requiring the use of the elevator? Yes / No

*The elevator is not a toy and it is not a cargo elevator. The key will only be issued to guests in need.

Rental Rate:

Weekly rate (7 nights) $__________

Optional Grocery Delivery & Stocking fee  Yes / No: $75.00

NC State & Lodging Tax on total (12.75%) $__________

Total: ___________

*Security Deposit: $750.00 (not taxed)

Total + Security Deposit: $__________

Amount Paid [Month Date, Year] $__________ (Includes Security Deposit)

Amount Due [Month Date, Year] $__________

*Security Deposit of $750.00 will be refunded within 14 days of check out if post check out inspection is favorable.

Rental Provisions/House Rules:

1) PROPERTY CONDITION: Leave the home as you found it and it should be relatively ready for the next guests. Guests are responsible for maintenance and repair costs should the premises or furnishings be left in a lesser condition.

2) DO NOT REARRANGE THE HOUSE: We request you refrain from rearranging the furniture or reorganizing the kitchen. You’re on vacation, please spend it relaxing rather than determining a “better” location for items. There's a $50 fee for every item that must be replaced to its original location by our cleaning crew. This includes beds, chairs, tables, and everything outdoors. Additionally, inside furniture and decor should remain indoors.

3) ACCIDENTS/DAMAGES: Please report all accidents, damages, and any non-working appliances immediately so that they can be corrected before the next guests arrive. Discovering these issues after checkout often means the next guests won’t have access to usage until a service call can be scheduled, which is very difficult to do on turnover day. If the cost of the damage is more than the security deposit or if extra cleaning should be involved, the cost incurred will be billed to the guests.


  • You will see horses on the property and around the neighborhood. DO NOT feed them and remain 50 feet from them AT ALL TIMES. Exception on distance is only when they are in our yard and you're on a deck.
  • The majority of our neighbors are vacationers like you. Please minimize noise between 10pm and 8am to ensure everyone enjoys their vacation.
  • If any neighbors report excessive noise, your vacation rental agreement could be terminated and you’ll be asked to leave our property. Should this happen, it will result in a loss of the rental amount.

5) EXTRA GUESTS AND VISITORS: A maximum of four visitors is allowed during the day. Any extra overnight visitors must be approved in advance. It is the responsibility of the renter to ensure that any visitor also complies with our House Rules.

6) PARTIES AND EVENTS: No parties or events are allowed without prior approval from owners. Any small gathering is restricted to four additional visitors and must comply with the rules regarding noise.

7) PARKING: Please park your vehicle under the house near the elevator, to the left of the front door, or out front on the gravel provided. Do not park on the right (south) side of the home. This level field area is our septic leach field and the weight of vehicles will damage it.


  • The First Aid kit is located in the pantry, on the left, top shelf.
  • In the entryway near the elevator, you will find the electric panel. Please do not open it unless in the unlikely event of a power outage or tripped breaker.
  • Guests are responsible, at all times, for the safety of their children while on the premises. Do not allow them to climb on the railings, or stand on chairs near the railings. This also applies to drunks.
  • Wash off sand and lotion prior to using the hot tub, an outside shower is provided. Securely close the cover when not in use. All long hair should be secured in a ponytail prior to using the hot tub. NO GLASS near the hot tub, this includes beer bottles. Use provided plastic. The hot tub is not a pool, do not attempt to swim in it. Reduce temperature to 80 at the end of stay.
  • If you use the grills, you must clean them after each use or you could incur additional cleaning fees of $75 per grill. North Carolina law states grills that are not permanently affixed to a gas line must be a minimum of ten feet from the house structure at all times, this means you should NOT move the charcoal grill under the house, even if it is raining.
  • Please use only plastic dinnerware and plastic glasses when dining outside.
  • The elevator key is only given to guests with mobility issues. It is not a cargo elevator, and NO CHILDREN under 16 should use, play with, or ride in the elevator alone. An unattended child died in a Corolla elevator in the summer of 2021, this warning is a serious one.

9) SMOKING: Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the property. If you want to smoke, you may only smoke outside. Please dispose of your cigarette butts and ash in the garbage (after it’s safe to do so).


  • Do not move the internet modems. We've lived there for months, both modems currently reside where the best signal can be found.
  • Do not leave doors and windows open while the air conditioner is on. If you want ocean breezes inside, turn the air conditioner off. There is a humidity gauge on the thermostat, and it will shut off the air conditioner if the humidity stays high for an extended period of time.
  • You’re welcome to use the washer, but make sure that you don’t overload it and shake sand outside BEFORE washing items. Sand can destroy a washer and guests will be charged to replace the washer.


  • We ask that our guests be so kind as to dispose of food in the available kitchen garbage bin as we DO NOT have a garbage disposal.
  • There are recycling bins in the pantry, as well as a blue garbage can outside for bagged recyclables.
  • Garbage pickup is a private service and we’ve arranged pickup from the outside garbage cans on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We advise placing garbage out the night before in case of early morning pickup.
  • Secure all garbage can lids tightly, as our food can kill the wild horses.
  • DO NOT flush any sanitary products, paper towels, or wipes down the toilet. We have a septic system and these items will damage it, resulting in an easily avoidable expense to the guest for repair.
  • If fishing, do not leave fish entrails in the kitchen garbage. Dispose of entrails in the ocean or feed to seagulls.

12) LIABILITY: The tenant’s personal property is not covered in the insurance purchased by the owner against loss, theft, or negligence. The tenant indemnifies the landlord and the property free and harmless against any liabilities like accidents, loss of property, injury, or death of any person.

COMPLIANCE:  Failure to follow any of these house rules is a breach of the terms and conditions of your reservation.

I acknowledge and understand the above Rental Provisions/House Rules:

Signature: ______________________

Cancellation Policy: Refunds 61 days prior to date of stay is 100%, at 60 days or less there’s no refund unless the owner can rent the dates to another guest. Once a reservation is made, those dates are taken off the market.

I acknowledge and understand cancellation policy:

Signature: ________________________

Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance: It is highly recommended that guests purchase trip cancellation/interruption insurance in case of emergency/bad weather, hurricane, Covid-19 bans/restrictions, etc. as NO REFUNDS will be given. Please visit to purchase.

I acknowledge the recommendation to purchase trip insurance:

Signature: __________________________

Guest agrees to abide by information in this agreement and shall cause all members of the rental party (anyone else Guest permits on the property) to abide by them as well. The parties agree to the terms of this Short-Term Rental Agreement, as evidenced by the signatures set forth below. Reservations are confirmed upon receipt of signed rental agreement and a copy of your ID (driver’s license or state/government issued ID).

Guest Name (Print): __________________________ Phone number: _______________________

Guest Signature:  ___________________________  Date:  ___________

Guest Preferred email address: ______________________________

Guest Permanent Address: ______________________


Vacation Rental Management Company: LLC name you created to sublease your rental property on your behalf, thus removing your personal assets from liability claim.

Signature: _________________________ (Your Name, manager of LLC you created to sublet a year long lease on your home)

Date: ___________________

Company name


Contact Info