Organic farmer, innkeeper, cook, baker, weaver, linguist, animal lover.

In the late 70’s my parents, an architect who mainly designed hotels (from the building to its furniture) and a housewife and mother with a great interest in herbalism and gardening decided to leave the city (Milan) and start a new life as organic farmers.

In the early 80’s they started thinking of Northern Le Marche as the perfect place to move to. Agriculture in this hilly area was still quite “traditional” and Urbino would assure a lively place to live where culture could be found along with beautiful landscapes.

In 1981 they acquired Valle Nuova, a 185 acre farm, 12 km south of Urbino.

After 13 years we finally moved to Urbino and a few years later we all (I had grown enough to help make family decisions by then) decided to share all of this with more people than the friends that used to visit us in our corner of paradise.

In 1999 Locanda della Valle Nuova opened its doors to our first guests.

Now I personally run both the farm and the Locanda (with very valuable help of my parents).