Thomas Donut & Snack Shop

You may find yourself headed from our Celadon Beach condo toward the Pier Park development direction.  But walk or drive one-half mile west in the opposite direction down Front Beach Road is an "establishment" in every sense of the word.  

Thomas Donut & Snack Shop opened in 1971, but  you would think it had been there since the 1940s. At busier times, people form a line to the street to order at the pickup window to take in the sweets that your doctor has warned you countless times to cut from your diet.  But we're not your doctor.  Our advice is to live a little while you're on vacation. And if you're going to splurge, why not make it worth your while.  

Thomas Donut & Snack Shop

We have mostly consumed items from their breakfast menu that ranges from a delicious assortment of homemade donuts, breakfast sandwiches,  biscuits with gravy, and plain or cheese grits.  Now y'all from the north have to give some of these southern staples a try.   For lunch they have your fried shrimp, oyster, catfish, burgers and sub sandwiches.  And a newer set of menu items includes Texas style Kolaches; smoke sausage and cheese, jalapeno sausage and cheese, and ham and cheese.

Located across the beach from the Gulf, Thomas Donut & Snack Shop is open from 6am - 10pm seven days a week.  They have a nice deck if you want to eat outside, but they also have some indoor space as well, or you can grab and go and get back to drinking your coffee and eating your treats from our balcony overlooking the emerald-colored water.  

Tip:  Go on the earlier side (they are open as early as 6 AM) and you'll beat the order lines during the peak time of year.  What tourists don't know but locals do, is there is an order window inside.  Head inside and you may get your order filled quicker.

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Enjoy the emerald water directly on the beach on the quieter west end of Panama City Beach. We have an outstanding 4.9 out of 5.0 rating from 67 reviews!

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