If you're a fan of Houfy as we are and want to get the word out, then we have an idea that will do all of the following:

  1. Promotes Houfy.
  2. Adds motion and interest to your home page.
  3. Provides you with credit for signing up new Houfy users. We use Wix as our website hosting and page design solution. However, the principles are mostly the same no matter your web hosting solution.

How to Promote Houfy with a Moving Slideshow

We use Wix as our web page design and hosting solution. That said, if you use WordPress or another solution, it isn't far fetched to believe they don't offer a similar functionality that can be dragged and dropped onto you home page.

In the Wix Editor you simply add any one of their sliders. This one is a simple three-slide slideshow. The intended purpose of this particular slideshow was a 50% promotion. But it is just a template and you can edit the slide background as well as all the text and colors. So consider these design tools as a blank slate.

Slide 1: Since all of the site property listings are Houfy listings embedded within the website, it is transparent to let people know the site is "powered" by Houfy. It almost appears as if the surfer is being powered by Houfy too.

Tip: Go to Google and search for "houfy logo" and selected Images under the search box. The second image is a logo from www.houfy.com, click the logo to see it full size. Right-click with your mouse or touchpad and use the "Save Image As..." to download it to a folder where you can locate it.

How to Promote Houfy with a Moving Slideshow

Slide 2: The original template included a button with "Buy Now," but we edited the text to be "Free Listing" and we link to Houfy. The Houfy logo on the first slide is also linked to Houfy. As a pay it forward, we promote to other vacation property owners and in the process increase your brand as business people with experience.

Tip: Instead of linking directly to the Houfy homepage, the link is to the sign up page where if the link is used, we get Houfy credit points.

How to Promote Houfy with a Moving Slideshow

Slide 3: For this final slide, we wanted to bring prominence as well as reassurance to the prospective guest that we are owners who do not receive commissions or charge excessive booking fees. In reality, we needed to fill a third slide with content and this seemed to be a good way to deal with it.

If you didn't notice, the dots at the bottom are both indicators of which slide is being viewed as well as buttons. There are also the forward and back arrows. These slides cycle from start to finish on their own.

Tip: Use the Houfy logo you download and insert it into the footer of your website page.

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