Folly Beach Weather & Average Temperatures

What’s the weather like in April? Is it cold in January? What kind of temperatures can we expect in February? 

As owners of our vacation town home at Water's Edge, we get questions like that a lot. Here’s what you can expect at different times of the year on Folly Beach or in nearby Charleston.

Our Favorite Time: Our favorite time to visit is in the spring and fall. April and May are beautiful months - not too hot and humid, but pleasant and warm. October is gorgeous, too. But no matter when you visit, you’ll find advantages to the weather all during the year (see also Folly Beach in the Off Season).

Here’s what you can expect month-by-month:

JANUARY: Well, yes. This is the coldest month. Normally temps are in the 50s and 60s, but they can drop to the 30s and 40s for a few days.  But, the air is clear, and if you’re coming from Michigan or Minnesota or anywhere up north, the temperature is downright balmy! 

This past January our son, Justin, spent time over a long weekend crabbing from our community dock.  While September - November are typically the best months for crabbing, he brought in quite a haul of crabs.  Although he ultimately caught more than enough for a feast, he put the catch back in the water. 

Folly Beach Weather & Average Temperatures
Folly Beach Weather & Average Temperatures

FEBRUARY: Temps are ticking upward. There will be some chilly days in the 50s but mostly 60s and sometimes 70s. Night is a good time to relax and look skyward where you'll have a great view of the stars.  During a walk at the front of Water's Edge, we looked skyward and was treated to a moon halo. 

Folly Beach Weather & Average Temperatures

These halos are caused when moonlight passes through thin clouds of ice crystals high in Earth's atmosphere.  The shape of the ice crystals causes the moonlight to be focused into a ring.

MARCH: Yes, you can usually start donning a bathing suit and be comfortable. Normally 60s… but it can dip into the 50s, so just be aware.  The marsh provides a tranquil setting and backdrop to some stunning sunsets.

Folly Beach Weather & Average Temperatures

APRIL & MAY: You can start wearing a swimsuit and be comfortable. This month is usually ideal! While most people love to visit in the summer, it can be very hot! But during April you can still be outside, enjoy the warmth, and not sweat too much. Plus, the grass is greening, the flowers are blooming, and it’s still not high tourist season.

JUNE, JULY, and AUGUST: Bring on the sunscreen. Actually, you need sunscreen all months of the year here, so make sure to use it. If you love heat, you’ll love these months. High 80s and 90s are the norm. You may need to escape into the air conditioning a lot, though, but hey, there’s the pool or the beach for bathing. And it is the lazy days of summer….

Folly Beach Weather & Average Temperatures
Folly Beach Weather & Average Temperatures

SEPTEMBER: Heat and humidity are tempering off slightly but it can still be stifling, depending on the forecast. Normally 80s... This is a terrific time to hire a boat captain to go shelling or fishing.  "Follypalooza" is a street festival that takes place on Folly in September.

OCTOBER: Highly recommend. 70s-80s.  The Folly Jazz Festival takes place in October.

NOVEMBER & DECEMBER: Early November is normally still quite nice, though water temperatures have dipped. There have been days we’ve visited in late November and with some chattering teeth, our teens managed to wade into the Atlantic water.

This is also a terrific time to check on Folly festivals and events (see related post), since a number of them happen around this time and into January; Folly Christmas Parade, New Year's Eve Flip-Flop Drop, and Bill Murray look-alike Polar Bear Plunge all take place at the end of December.

Folly Beach Weather & Average Temperatures
Folly Beach Weather & Average Temperatures
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Folly Beach Weather & Average Temperatures
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