Keith & I live in the beautiful Scottish Borders, just 40 minutes from our home City of Edinburgh where our children & grandchildren live. We are fortunate also to have a sec home, Villa Linakis, which we rent out on the equally beautiful island of Corfu.
Corfu for us is the ideal location to own a holiday home in that it allows us to drive there as well as using one of the many flights available from the UK. The drive from the UK is enjoyable and fairly straightforward - if you like the idea of driving to Corfu, feel free to ask for details.
Corfu has everything we love about Greece. Friendly locals, great food, local wine, verdant hills & valleys, hidden beaches, turquoise seas, ancient villages & the sense of adventure when discovering somewhere new, even after too many visits to count!
As a family, we love Arillas on the North West of Corfu for it’s rugged beauty, the stunning sunsets and scenery, it’s unpretentiousness and the welcoming locals who live there and give it soul.