La pizza è la vita! (Pizza is life!)

After a day of adventure and exploration in the Gold Country, sometimes the last thing we want to do when we return to the cabin is cook dinner and clean up afterwards. If your family is like ours, pizza is our go-to choice for an easy, delicious meal that keeps the whole family happy. Fortunately, Amador has many pizza joints in all corners of the county, for dine-in or take-out. Here are a few of our favorites.

Gold Dust Pizza (Sutter Creek)

Pizza! Pizza!

Gold Dust Pizza is located right off Main Street in Sutter Creek. This may be our favorite pizza in the area! The crust is chewy and holds up well to the mountains of fresh toppings. They've got a great selection of beer on tap. We love their patio out back which is right against the creek. It's a great place to while away a warm summer evening as the sun goes down.

Pizza! Pizza!
Gold Dust Pizza Sutter Creek | Pizza, Ice Cream | Relic Inc.
Downtown Sutter Creek is home to a unique shopping experience full of boutiques and cute shops. Also located in downtown Sutter Creek is Gold Dust Pizza! Work up an appetite shopping and stop into Gold Dust Pizza for quality food you and the whole family will enjoy. Enjoy a slice with a view!

Pine Grove Pizza (Pine Grove)


Pine Grove Pizza is closest to the cabin, right off Highway 88 in Pine Grove. This is a classic mountain town pizza parlor... familiar toppings and combinations, generously-sized slices, sodas and beer... you get the picture. What sets Pine Grove Pizza apart is their fantastic crust which is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Villa Privata (Jackson)

Pizza! Pizza!

Villa Privata is a hidden gem off the beaten path in the historical community of Jackson Gate. Only a mile or so from the main highway, it feels much more remote and secluded. The grounds are breathtaking and are the basis for a separate story on Villa Privata as a Mediterranean-inspired event space and restaurant. While all the dishes we have tried are delightful, their wood-fired pizzas are the star. Thinner in crust, with gourmet toppings applied with a skilled hand, this pizza is well suited for any occasion.

Ray's Take and Bake Pizza (Pioneer)

Pizza! Pizza!

Last but not least, local favorite Ray's is another worthy addition to our list. Their combinations are nicely thought out and not overpowering, and you can of course create your own. Call ahead and your pizza will be ready for pickup when you get there. They will give you instructions for baking up the perfect fresh and hot pizza right at the cabin!

Pizza! Pizza!
Ray's Take and Bake Pizza
At Ray's Pizza, we use premium house made pizza dough and whole milk mozzarella cheese. Our red and white sauces are house made fresh with pure olive oil. Our meats and vegetables are also of the highest quality. We have been serving great take and bake pizza since 2009.

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