Jamestown is an island just a 5 minute scenic ride from Newport over the Newport Bridge. But a more fun way to get to Jamestown is by taking the Jamestown-Newport Ferry from one of 3 spots in Newport. You can hop on and off the ferry to explore various attractions including the Rose Island Lighthouse. Jamestown has some great shops and restaurants along with some beautiful parks. Walk across the street to East Ferry Deli or up Narragansett to Slice of Heaven for lunch or coffee and pastry. Our favorite place to walk and catch a sunset in Jamestown is Beavertail State Park. Wear sneakers as you will likely want to walk along the rocks to enjoy the amazing views. You can also tour the Beavertail lighthouse museum. Fort Wetherill is another favorite place to walk.

Jamestown, RI
Jamestown, Rhode Island | Things to Do
We've all experienced the euphoria that washes over you at the beginning of a vacation to somewhere new - a little town or village tucked away in a sweet corner of the region. You pick up the real estate digests stacked at store entrances; you linger in front of the fliers posted in agency windows.

Jamestown, RI
Destinations - Jamestown Newport Ferry
1. Jamestown Village: Home of the Jamestown Newport Ferry! Jamestown is a wonderful place to spend a few hours or an entire day. The historic downtown village has a quaint mix of shops and restaurants all within walking distance of the Ferry landing. See a map of the heart of the village.

Jamestown, RI
Slice of Heaven Bakery and Cafe in Jamestown, RI - Free WiFi, Gluten Free Options, Coffee drinks, breakfast and lunch daily
Slice of Heaven is a European style bakery and cafe in Jamestown, RI. Serving coffee, breakfast, lunch, bar beverages, and takeaway. Gluten Free items. Free Wi-Fi.

Jamestown, RI
Beavertail State Park
Beavertail State Park, located in Jamestown, Rhode Island, is known for offering some of the most beautiful vistas along the New England coastline. The Park attracts people from all over the country, to enjoy its pristine environment.

Jamestown, RI
Fort Wetherill State Park
Fort Wetherill State Park, situated upon 100 foot high granite cliffs across the water from Fort Adams State Park, is a former coastal defense battery and training camp. Known for its spectacular view of Newport Harbor and the East Passage of Narragansett Bay, Fort Wetherill has been a popular sight for viewing the numerous Tall Ship Events and America's Cup Races.

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