Christin Tran

My work is in health care but my most important job is being a mom to my two kiddos; 5 year old special-needs and 2 year old rambunctious boys. My husband and I travel extensively with our little family and we go to Monterey peninsula often. We decided that the area is such an amazing gem that we invested in a beach condo and would love the opportunity to showcase what the area has to offer by inviting you all to stay in our beautiful renovated townhouse.

I was born in Indonesia and my love to travel is instilled in me from such a young age. My favorite travel destination is either Cuba or Australia and favorite city in the world is Paris. My favorite food is Italian and Korean and my favorite shows are ones about design or detective work.

I love to travel because it gives me a chance to live on the edge and to experience things outside my comfort zone. When I travel, my favorite part is not knowing the language of where I am at (but getting to learn some basic words) and to get lo