Discover tips and examples for crafting memorable vacation rental names. Find inspiration and guidance for naming your rental business effectively.

Thinking about vacation rental names and whether it's a good idea to name your property? We strongly recommend to do so. While using the "1-bedroom apartment" might be tempting, it'll give you no competitive edge, and you'll get lost in searches.

Guests' attention span online is a few seconds long. If you want to make a good first impression and urge them to book, you need to find the right words to describe your rental property. Don't place your trust in a vacation home name generator, as it'll give you generic name ideas that have possibly already been taken.

Instead, put some time and effort into thinking of creative house names that create a buzz. These will be the basis of your marketing and online brand. That's why, in this guide, we'll share our top tips to help you choose the best ones. Let's dive in!

Why Name Your Vacation Home?

You renovated your rental properties, equipped them with all the latest gadgets and amenities, and listed them online. Now what?

Just like adding special touches to your house can bring more bookings and satisfied guests, a vacation rental name can make or break your brand's reputation. Here are the perks of choosing vacation rental names:

  • Helps your property stand out. Let's face it: competition is fierce. If you want to make an impression on travelers browsing vacation homes in your location, use the right wording to highlight your properties in their eyes.
  • Makes your vacation rentals easily searchable. As word of mouth spreads and travelers look to book with you directly, searching for a unique name like "C'est la sea" is easier than a cliche like "beach house in Hawaii".
  • Builds your online brand. If you want to grow your business and have guests associating you with quality accommodation, pick a vacation rental name that represents you. Find a name that conveys the atmosphere of living in your rental property and the quality of the provided experience.
  • Makes your business memorable. A quirky, funny, or innovative name for vacation home can easily stick to travelers' minds. This encourages referrals and supports word-of-mouth. For instance, it's easier for a satisfied guest to recommend you to their friends as a "Rustic Hillside Villa" rather than the white house on the side of the road.
How to Choose Vacation Rental Names (Ideas + Examples)
Online house name generator

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Vacation Rental Name

1. Consider the Rental Property's Location

Do you have a beach house, a lake house, a house amidst the mountains, or a city loft? Your location is key when creating your vacation home name, and adding a touch of topical nuance can instantly boost its appeal.

It'll also help guests get a taste of where they can expect to relax and get away. For instance, instead of a mundane "Apartment in New York", opt for a catchy "New York Panorama Loft".

2. Keep Your Ideal Guest in Mind

As in any business, your buyer persona is vital to your marketing strategy. Take a moment to think about your vacation rental. How many guests can you accommodate?

For example, if you have a one-bedroom city apartment, it might be more suitable for couples or solo travelers. On the other hand, an entire home in the suburbs is better for families or large groups.

Then, reflect that information on your vacation rental names. Don't say "one-bedroom apartment in Berlin". Instead, say "romantic getaway for couples in the heart of Berlin".

How to Choose Vacation Rental Names (Ideas + Examples)
Home rental names ideas

3. Highlight the Architecture and Unique Features

Now, it's time to consider those special characteristics that make your vacation rental property stand out. Think decor, home style, and attributes that persuade guests to book. In terms of architecture, you can mention specific styles such as:

  • Modern
  • Gothic
  • Victorian
  • Southwestern

For example, instead of "castle in the countryside", go for "medieval castle in the Scottish highlands". Also, highlight exceptional amenities that are not easy to find in other vacation homes. For example:

  • Pools
  • Terraces
  • Movie theatre
  • Wine cellar
  • Hidden rooms

For instance, when looking for beach house names with luxury amenities, instead of "beach house in California", opt for "beach serenity with private pool on the shores of California".

4. Describe the Experience

When picking a name for your vacation home, describe what experience or activities guests will enjoy. Maybe you have a lake house with stunning sunset views or a cottage with a serene backyard where kids can play. Or maybe you're in the heart of a city, close to popular attractions.

Try to incorporate a storytelling element to evoke emotion. Guests purchase based on feelings, so you better use catchy words in your vacation home names. For instance, words like "peaceful", "serene", "relaxing", and "cozy" can paint a vivid picture and make guests feel like they're already on vacation.

How to Choose Vacation Rental Names (Ideas + Examples)
Vacation rental names ideas

5. Use Alliteration to Make It Catchy

We like a good sense of humor in vacation home name ideas, and using words creatively can make your vacation property memorable. For example, instead of naming your vacation rental "beach house in Cannes", name it "Sea la Vie". Or instead of "river house," opt for "River Rendezvous Ranch".

You could also experiment with rhyming words such as "Beach Breeze Please" or "Desert Dream Supreme". However, we wouldn't recommend using acronyms or overly complex names, as they might confuse first-time visitors.

6. Keep SEO in Mind

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) uses keywords to boost your vacation rentals in search engines. So, before deciding on vacation home names, research keywords to understand what travelers seek in Google.

If you choose a generic name, chances are you won't be able to rank very high. For example, although "Lakeside Hideaway" sounds cool, it has no keywords or popular terms travelers will use to look for your home. Using a longer name instead, such as "Lakeside cabin in Lake Superior for a quiet couple's retreat," is more likely to rank.

How to Choose Vacation Rental Names (Ideas + Examples)
Find a name for your rental to attract potential guests

Vacation Rental Names We Loved on Houfy

Here are some inspiring examples of how Houfy hosts named their vacation homes:

  • Fox View Cottage: This name was chosen due to the property's stunning view of Fox Mountain.
  • MiCasa-Benissa, MiDominio-Moraira, and Penthouse-Moraira: The owners created unique and recognizable names for their rentals in Spain by incorporating location and property type.
  • Pocono Log Home Getaway: The name combines the famous region and rental type, adding the word "getaway" at the end for daydreaming.
  • Loon Lodge on Enterprise Lake: It incorporates the presence of loons on the lake, providing a unique, nature-inspired identity for the property.

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