Swapnil and I have planned the following for the next few months: (Planned with me doesn’t always work.. sometimes you can easily add a few months..)

Hi Everyone,

  1. Integrate pricing plan for all hosts with a 15 day free trial period. (All hosts are currently required to pay a 1 time $5.99 host verification fee - to keep our platform secure) This fee is a 1 time host fee for unlimited listings. This is NOT a PER LISTING FEE.
  2. Some of you might have seen some Houfy ads on Facebook/Google - we’re testing.
  3. Hosts who are using our premium and lite plans will be charged for the services we offer early 2024.
  4. Older hosts who use our free services will need to pay the 1 time host verification fee before February 15th 2024. (This will clean up our database and make sure hosts have up to date listings with correct pricing etc.)
  5. Mch - Dec 2024, we plan on integrating 2+ channel managers to Houfy every month. - This will increase the nr. of listings on Houfy.
  6. We’ll carefully promote Houfy on Facebook/Google other to increase branding. Hosts will need to help us in promoting Houfy as well.
  7. We’ll improve our website creation tools with templates & Widgets
  8. Connect to Google Vacation rentals if OK with them..

2024 and 2025 will be the first years Houfy will earn some more revenue, which we’ll re-invest into marketing Houfy.

Our pricing plan (website building tools etc) is 1/5th to 1/10th the price of channel managers/others etc. Our goal is to increase the number of listings drastically the next 2 years as well as increase traffic with the limited funds we receive.

Plan for 2026: After 2 years receiving revenue and seeing growth in a better way we can create a realistic valuation for Houfy and offer a % of ownership to Hosts. This has always been in the planning.. before raising funds from investors..(IF this will ever be needed!)

Hosts can earn discounts towards stock ownership by:

Helping Houfy in any way possible.. by:(FYI we already calculate this info..)

  1. Bookings
  2. Sharing their listings (views)
  3. Referring new hosts
  4. Writing blog posts/stories on Houfy, creating collections
  5. Etc.

We’ll create a dashboard where hosts can see ‘points’ earned - to be further reviewed with all of you.

The last year we have hired and fired some people who were interested in working with us and it seems working with us is “tricky”. Swapnil and I are high demanding people who do not accept giving ‘presents’ away to non performing people.

We’ll continue working as we have always done and for sure we will find the right people for Houfy in the near future. (There are new people working on Houfy currently on the sidelinesI.. just FYI.)

Thank you for your support and help with Houfy.

Please continue promoting Houfy everywhere you can.. we will succeed!

Thx T

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