Hospitable is the highest-rated vacation rental software around. The Houfy and Hospitable partnership is a fantastic new connection where hosts can facilitate their messaging, calendar & pricing data with just 1 click.

With great pleasure we would like to inform we are now connected to Hospitable.com

Hospitable is one of the leading channel managers in the world and rated highest as best rental software for hosts.

Hospitable’s vacation rental software saves you time on hosting: automate 90% of guest messages, sync calendars across all platforms, streamline cleaning team reminders, and more.

Thanks to Hospitable we can now also download pricing data and calendar data straight from Airbnb. Click here to learn more.

How to get started connecting Hospitable with Houfy:

  1. Go to the API connections page > Click on Connect Hospitable
  2. It will prompt for your Hospitable credentials. Enter your Hospitable credentials and Authorize Houfy
  3. Once authorized, Houfy will pull your listings from Hospitable and you will receive an email once they are imported.

What data gets pulled into Houfy?

(This process takes a bit of time depending on the number of listings you have. Houfy will e-mail you once your listings are pulled in)

  • Reservations: Instant
  • Pricing: Daily with the option to update at Houfy for (Instant Pull)
  • Basic Listing Data - Please double check your Houfy listings show the correct information.
Houfy is now connected to Channel Manager Hospitable!

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ok so I connected it, but I am still unclear if anything changed. so by connecting to hospitable - houfy is able to bring information about the bookings as well as pricing.

will houfy be able to send info of bookings to hospitable - that way auto messages, auto code smart lock set up, etc - to take advantage of all hospitable resources?

24 days ago

I connected but now it is doubling each listing and I have six vs three in Houfy. It did not link the hospitable listings w/the existing instead it listed them as new ones. How do I fix this?

24 days ago
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