"Book Direct" ~ Word is slowly spreading and the idea is getting planted. ~ Real Simple magazine, January 2020 edition, page 56. "Accommodations"...."Avoid the expensive middleman."...."To get the lowest price on hotel rooms-and potentially have the best experience- reserve directly with a property, says Melanie Liebman, an editor at the travel site The Points Guy."

Why did I pay these booking fees?

Why did I pay these booking fees?
We are Linda and Jack and used Houfy to book our next place to stay
We just saved on "$128 service fees" and booked & paid a super cool place direct! So easy and simple on Houfy! We'll be going dancing in Belize in the next few months! Love it. And spend our savings on a diving trip.

"You paid how much in booking fees?!"

Why did I pay these booking fees?

VRBO just got a whole lot more expensive!

Why did I pay these booking fees?
Is Vrbo Removing It's Traveler Service Fee Cap?
For quite a few years now, Vrbo's traveler service fee has been a dynamic amount, but capped. What exactly does that mean? It means the percent charged to the traveler was determined by the amount the market was willing to pay. The percent would change, but the total amount was capped at $499 (sometimes $599).

Why did I pay these booking fees?
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