Although we come to Bucerias because of the the local charm, lovely friendly faces and beautiful beaches. Bucerias is also known for it's many restaurants of all ethnicities. We will add to these suggestions as we come across some more. Some of our favourites are:
There are many things to do in Bucerias, whether you are an active athlete, a foodie expert or just into laying on a beach reading a book.  Below are some of the things we like to do!
While Bucerias doesn't have the same night life that Puerto Vallarta has, it certainly has it's share. Many restaurants offer live music on certain days of the week. You can often find local dancers performing in the centro for special occasions, which happen often in Mexico.
We like to venture out occasionally and check out what is going on outside of Bucerias. below you may find some interesting spots to check out!
When staying in a new place, you often have questions so your not surprised when you arrive! I have tried to answer the FAQ'S below. I will update as I feel necessary. "Click on the FAQ link below"
Many travellers are putting their trust in the Medical Doctors and Dentists of Mexico. Bucerias is no different. If you have medical needs while in Bucerias, see below.
Although you are on vacation, a lot of us like to continue with our workout plans, or at least do a little extra to keep off all of those extra calories from the great food in Bucerias. Below are a few of the places I can pass along if that's your thing