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The first thoughts when considering a visit to rural Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, PA (pronounced skool'-kill) may not be wine. After all, this is the home to America's Oldest Brewery, Yuengling Beer. But perhaps the love and exploration of wine can be another great association as well.

Year by year, small and growing wineries have sprung up across the county. Add to that, the farm markets where they sell, the beautiful land where you can visit their vineyards, and the festivals, wine trails and fun events for families, couples and friends. Wow. Now, it seems, WINE is a great reason to visit Schuylkill County, PA!

It did not begin with a wine festival, but it certainly is a great place to start your discovery of how the love of wine is shared in this region. The Schuylkill County Wine Festival is a great start each Labor Day weekend in September.

If you travel to the area any other time of the year, consider visiting any of the following wineries (not a complete list, but a great start!):

  • Benigna's Creek Winery - - This winery has a great calendar of events all year and is set in a beautiful location only a few miles from our Vacation Rental - Clover's Cottage. One of their prettiest events is the Lighting of the Vineyards in late November. And, ooooh, their Late Harvest wine!

Benigna's Creek Winery is award winning
  • Long Trout Winery - - Touting itself as a unique Bohemian wine boutique, this winery is great because of how it is proudly "different". Our favorite thing that sets them apart from the others is the Disc Golf course they have onsite.
  • Galen Glen Winery - - Galen Glen is a lovely location just outside of the county and the land has a great history. They are sizeable and worth a visit.
  • Stone Mountain Winery - - Part winery, part farm, this little stop on the southern end of the county will put your thoughts of a typical winery on its end.

No matter where you end up sipping and relaxing, be sure to bring a bottle back with you - perhaps enjoying a glass by the campfire at Clover's Cottage at the end of a superb day.

Safe travels, no matter where your exploration of wine may take you in Central Pennsylvania!

Follow us on to see all the greatest travel tips and tricks in our neck of the woods! If you're ready for your next getaway, visit Dreams Come True Cottage of Cape May Beach, NJ or Clover's Cottage of Hegins, PA.

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Galen Glen Winer
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