Searching Tools in Cape May County, NJ, USA

County website offers the ability to search for places of interest when planning your vacation

Searching Tools in Cape May County, NJ, USA

Here is a quick tip for anyone that is considering a vacation in Cape May County, NJ or has a trip booked and is planning their stay once they arrive! Visit the Cape May County website's search tool (The link is shared at the end of this story).

Do you want the best farm fresh foods for your meals? Pull up a list of all the farmstands in the county. Do you love antiquing? You can search for all the antique shops in the county as well! How about a list of the wineries, breweries and distilleries? Nature sites, historic areas, tourism locations and much more. Browse the lists, or search for a specific word that interests you.

While the Cape May County searchable Resource Directory is a great place to explore, note that it is not comprehensive (we noticed that our favorite distillery, Nauti Spirits, was missing from the directory), it is still filled with great vacation inspiration!

The Cape May County, NJ website has other resources as well. You can visit it at There is a search bar at the top right corner of the home page that is another effective and helpful starting place to see many places of interest in the county.

The searchable Resource Directory can be found at:

Safe travels, no matter where the Cape May County searchable Resource Directory may take you!

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