The impressive cliffs that line this coastal area hold various look-out points that are commonly referred to as miradores. From above; one is provided with tranquil and romantic views that this area's pure natural beauty is well known for. From below; the sun drenched beaches deliver something for all who enjoy the sand, soft breezes, and warm waters of the Mediterranean. The cliffs along the coast contain a number of delightful coves while the crystal clear water begs one to jump in for a swim, scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, or kayaking. And while Jávea is a great place to relax, here they certainly know how to let loose holding fantastically unique fiestas throughout the year.

Here in Jávea, acquiring accommodation is a breeze and the potential for finding one’s own paradise is seemingly limitless. Though with such precious little time, the abundance of alluring beaches here may leave one feeling paralyzed with indecision. After all the “fear of missing out” (fomo) is a real struggle.  So in an effort to ease the decision making process for you we took on the honourable task of visiting them all, Lucky you! 

MiCasa-Benissa www.micasa-benissa.com/

MiDominio-Moraira www.midominio-moraira.com/

Penthouse-Moraira Atico H www.penthouse-moraira.com/

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