Hiking Calaveras Big Trees from Upper Moran Road

When you turn into the BLS neighborhood at Moran Road, make an immediate left and go east on Upper Moran Road for about 1 mile until you reach the gate at the end of the road. You may park on the side of the road before beginning your hike.

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Finding the Giant Trees

Start your hike on the fire road, and at about .8 miles, you will come to a fork:

If you turn left here and walk .5 miles, you will end up at the North Grove Campground, and the beginning of the 1.7 mile loop that takes you past many of the giant Sequoia trees begins. (You can also continue straight on the fire road for a nice walk through the forest, ending at a lovely vista point about 1.5 miles in. You will not see the giant trees, but it is still a lovely walk, and dogs are allowed on the fire road.)

If you continue on the trail toward the North Grove campground, you will see this sign as you approach the Grove:

Then look for this first giant tree just before you reach the loop trail.

Cross this small stone bridge, and you are almost there:

Next you will see a tree stump the size of a room, which you can see on the left side in the background of the photo above. In fact, this stump is so big it was once used as a dance floor!

Just to the right of the big stump, look for this sign. This is the start of the North Grove Trail Loop.

The trail is a flat, easy walk that meanders through the forest and takes you past some of the largest trees in the world.

You can purchase a trail guide from a box at the start of the loop, and it is well worth it. You'll learn about the history of the grove, the botany of the forest and anecdotes about settling of Calaveras County.

Breathe deeply and take it in -- the smells, the fresh air, the quiet sounds of the forest, the grandeur of the giant trees and variety of foliage will restore your soul!

After you finish the loop and head back to trail head, make sure to take the left side of the fork, which will take you back to the fire road:

If you come to this gate, you will know you are headed in the right direction!

When you get to this sign, turn right to get back to the trail head.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to Calaveras Big Trees State Park!


I love the detailed trail guide. Nice work.

a year ago
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