We are so fortunate to have "America's Favorite Drive" in our backyard (almost literally!). Located just a mile off of the Blue Ridge Parkway near mile-marker 325, Parkway Peek has a bird's-eye view of this national treasure. Whether traveling north or south from our wonderful mountain cabin, you will find unparalleled beauty, rich history, serene nature/hiking trails and an abundance of activities for all ages. Don't wait to book your next stay at Parkway Peek! Visit us here to to secure your dates now: www.houfy.com/3450.

Rediscover the Blue Ridge Parkway
Blue Ridge Parkway 3-minute Tour
The Blue Ridge Parkway -- a magnificent highway -- 470 miles in length -- rides the crest of 5 ranges of the southern Appalachians through North Carolina and Virginia. Visitors witness spectacular seasons and mountain scenery... giving glimpse of the culture and history of the mountain people.

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Does that rock have a name?

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