Jekyll Island beachcombers have several opportunities to see evidence of the Knobbed Whelk. You may find these shells alive, especially around the tide pools on the western side of the island. Or perhaps you will see on of their strange coiled egg cases.

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Georgia's State Seashell - the Knobbed Whelk
Knobbed Whelk on Jekyll Island - Georgia's State Seashell
Knobbed Whelk Appearance Georgia's Knobbed Whelk has six spirals radiating outwards, with points or knobs around the top. Its shell consists of white, brown, and grey colors, with an orange mouth. If the shell is alive, its glass-like brown foot will cover the shell opening. The Knobbed Whelk is right-handed.

by Mike and Lara Morgan

Georgia's State Seashell - the Knobbed Whelk
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