This is a hidden place on Jekyll Island, GA. No signage points in this direction. Jekyll Sandpiper visitors should head north on Beachview Dr you will see the entrance to Villas by the Sea on your right and an unmarked street on the left. Turn left. A short distance down the path is a small parking area. The Horton Pond viewing platform is just steps away. If you are looking for a walk through a maritime forest then try the Tupelo Trail.

On a recent visit we saw a large alligator in the middle of the pond and a baby alligator swimming near the viewing platform. Next to the small alligator is one the several varieties of turtles that live in the pond. Please do not feed the alligators. We've never known anyone to be harmed by an alligator on Jekyll Island, but feeding them is ill advised as it teaches them that humans mean food.

Click for directions to Horton Pond:

Alligator Viewing Stand at Horton Pond - Tupelo Trailhead
Horton Pond and Tupelo Trail - Alligators and Turtles on Jekyll Island
Horton Pond - Alligator Mecca Across Beachview from the entrance to the Villas lies the access road to Horton Pond. A short walk takes you to the wheelchair-accessible viewing stand, from which you'll almost certainly see turtles. Multiple varieties of turtles swim throughout the pond, including the larger Florida Softshell Turtles, the largest softshell turtles in North America.

by Mike and Lara Morgan

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