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There are several trails leading out from the Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway. You can come with us on our daily hike. We are surrounded by private property, so please do not go out nearby by yourself for any hiking, rock climbing or scrambling.You can drive a short distance to the starting points of Santa Susanna Pass State Park trails, Rocky peak trail, Hummingbird trail, or Stagecoach trail. We might facilitate with a car transfer if you only want to hike downhill!!:)You may see a few people on all trails, and you will see incredible down valley and up rock-wards views that are breathtaking. Near us there is an old cabin where they filmed "Zorro", and sandstone cliffs called "The 12 Apostles", where we witnessed an avalanche from the top!!!!

Always bring water, a hat or sunscreen, and wear tennis shoes and long pants. Keep your eyes and ears open for wild animals. Tracking them is fun to do! But if you encounter a rattler do not disturb it!!!

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Chatsworth California
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